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Alchemy Worx Launches Email Tycoon Game

By Ken Magill
Email marketing agency Alchemy Worx has launched a fun and somewhat addictive game that simulates email-marketing programs.
Dubbed Email Tycoon, the object of the game is to become a, well, email tycoon.
“I have to give credit to my team,” said Alchemy Worx CEO Dela Quist. “People who know me see my fingerprints all over it, but the team drove it. When they first came to me with the idea, I thought it sucked.”
According to Quist, the version released is the second version of the game.
Email Tycoon is part of Alchemy Worx’s marketing strategy to get industry buzz and be known as slightly irreverent thought leaders in online marketing, said Quist.
“Within this we have gamification, social media … and we’ve got email marketing,” he said. “It encapsulates email marketing and where it sits. … People forget Facebook started when Mark Zuckerberg sent an email. Email marketing is the driver of all channels.”
Email Tycoon involves deploying email programs—such as abandoned-cart emails and daily newsletters—resulting in revenue that can be put against hiring staffers such as interns, project managers and HTML developers or buying program upgrades.
Hiring staffers results in getting more man hours earned per day. A day in email tycoon elapses in about five seconds.
Most of the program upgrades—such as buying mentions by certain real-life email professionals and buying real-world tools staffers can use—increase the effectiveness and efficiency of staffers and programs.
A mention in the Magill Report can be purchased early on in the game for $4,000, for example.
However, the game also has the option of purchasing an email list, which just as in real life, has a chance of working like gang busters or seriously hurting the player’s email program.
“If you buy a list and it works, you get a message saying ‘congratulations, you found a good list provider’ and it doubles your revenue,” said Quist. “But every other time it halves your revenue.”
Just about everybody who is anybody in email marketing gets a mention somewhere in Email Tycoon.
The acts of deploying programs, hiring staffers and buying upgrades multiply on one another until massive amounts of man hours pile up per day, allowing the deployment of massively profitable email programs and bringing in massive revenue.
As of this writing, I am getting 70,980 man hours per day and have amassed just under $365 million. That’s a nice chunk of change, but the date is May 8, 2247. So in Email Tycoon, I am quite rich but have been dead for 200 years.
Play the game here.

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