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Americans Comfortable with Sharing Information Online: Study


By Ken Magill

The vast majority of American consumers are comfortable about sharing information online while making purchases, according to a recent study by consulting firm Infosys.

Moreover, most consumers in the five countries included in the survey said they would be more likely to buy again from a retailer that presented them with offers targeted to their interests, wants and needs.

Eighty eight percent of American consumers said they were comfortable sharing information with retailers, making Americans the most trusting consumers when it comes to sharing information with retailers online, according to Infosys.

Germans were the least trusting with their online data, according to Infosys, as 57 percent of Germans said they are comfortable with sharing their information during an online transaction.

[Author’s note: My guess would be memories of the Stasi are still pretty fresh for former East Germans, making them understandably less trusting with information about them.]

Seventy nine percent of U.K. consumers said they are comfortable sharing information during an online purchase; as did 75 percent of French consumers and 74 percent of Australian consumers.

Meanwhile, 78 percent of consumers overall said they would be more likely to buy again from a retailer that served up offers targeted to their wants and needs, according to Infosys.

Interestingly, 71 percent of those surveyed said they would be likely to buy from a retailer again if the retailer sent offers based on their location, but just 43 percent said they are comfortable having offers presented to them based on the geolocation of their mobile devices, according to Infosys.

Of all the pieces of information people said they were willing to share with retailers, email addresses came out on top with 78 percent of those surveyed indicating they would share them.

ZIP code came in second at 64 percent; date of birth and postal address tied for third at 38 percent; marital status  came in fifth at 30 percent and social media profile information came in last at 13 percent, according to Infosys.



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