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And a Good Time Was Had by All


By Ken Magill

The official award ceremony for The Magill Report Fantasy Football League took place at 2010 champion e-Dialog’s headquarters in Burlington, MA Friday and a good time was had by all—or at least no one said they had a bad time.

As part of the ceremony, the team’s managers—Matt Hart (left in the photo) and Steve Eyssallenne (middle)—received a championship 13-inch crystal trophy from Crown Awards and a football-shaped sausage from Dietrich’s Meats and Country Store in Krumsville, PA. (Mmm Mmm). Yours truly is the fat one on the right.

At first, people were a little scared of the sausage—a cured-and-smoked sweet, all-beef sausage, similar in appearance to salami but darker and with a tangier taste. But then a few brave souls grabbed a couple chunks, declared them yummy and the ceremonial eating of the football began.

Also, as the pungent smell of authentic Pennsylvania Dutch smoked meat wafted through the office, more e-Dialogians began to appear for their taste of sweet sausagy fantasy football victory.

The festivities also included a small keg of some excellent home-brewed pale ale supplied by John Holden and some just-as-excellent home-brewed barley wine supplied by Jeff MacDonald.

Miraculously, I was able to refrain from getting drunk and making a falling-down ass of myself—at least I think.

According to several festivity goers, e-Dialog CEO John Rizzi sent out a congratulatory email saying that his employees winning The Magill Report Fantasy Football Championship was his proudest moment as a CEO.

Really John? You oversee the building of a highly respected, top-tier, multinational marketing services firm and winning a bauble and a sausage in a fantasy football league is your proudest moment?

We need to get you out of the office a bit more.


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Posted by:
Date: 2011-01-18 15:35:42
Subject: Whoo HOO!

Congrats guys! Looks "delicious" - glad I could play a part! -Mike P
Posted by:
Date: 2011-01-18 14:49:54
Subject: thank you!

Thank you Ken for the excellent time on Friday, and for putting on the league. And thanks to all the rest of the players for some good fun. The draft is in April, e-D's TDs will be watching closely. PS - for the record, my family went through about 8 of the dozen "Mother Clucker" eggs over the long weekend. Delicious - thanks again!