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And the Winner Gets the Spoils


By Ken Magill

What’s my favorite duty as publisher of the Magill Report?

Why, presenting the trophy and regulation-sized Lebanon bologna football to the Magill Report Fantasy-Football-League champions each year, that’s what!

Every year, if the league champion is on the east coast—or thereabouts—north of Virginia, I will present the trophy and meat football personally so I can witness the expressions of awe and delight as the football is unveiled.

I also enjoy people’s reactions when I tell them how good peanut butter slathered on Lebanon bologna is and some brave soul tries it.

Mmmmm. Mmm.

This year, the Magill Report Fantasy-Football-championship spoils went to the folks in marketing-services provider Epsilon’s Wakefield, Mass. office.

Originally, I thought I would be presenting the trophy and football in Epsilon’s New York offices. But one of the pair of people, Matt Hart, who managed Epsilon’s team is in Massachusetts. The other, Brittany Burke, works in Colorado.

And, no, I’m not flying to Colorado to give Brittany a bologna football. However, I was given the distinct impression that Brittany was at least as responsible for Epsilon’s success this year as Matt.

Congratulations, Brittany! Though you weren’t at the celebration, I can tell you your fellow Epsilonians gave you credit for your part in managing Epsilon’s Harmony Army. From what I hear, you’re a photographic-memory stat-crunching machine.

As always this year’s Magill Report fantasy football league was a blast to watch and cover.

Barring my untimely death or complete alcoholic collapse, we will do it again next year. This year’s teams will have dibs on next year’s slots. Any available slots will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis. Start paying attention in August.

Scroll down for photos of this year’s celebration:

Behold the much-coveted Magill Report Fantasy Football championship trophy and the wonderousness of the Labanon balogna football.

Matt Hart, half of the pair who managed Epsilon's team, shows off his company's trophy.

Closeup of the trophy's inscription.

Yours truly carving the football. Note that my lightning speed blurred my hand. Congratulations, Epsilon!


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Posted by: Matt from Epsilon
Date: 2014-01-21 16:05:57
Subject: Thanks Ken!

Ken - great season! Thanks again for organizing and delivering everything in person. A championship has never tasted so good. Matt