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Announcing Magill Report Fantasy Football 2015!

By Ken Magill
Hey Everybody! It’s almost that time again! What time, you ask? Why Magill Report Fantasy Football time!
And believe it or not, this year is season six!
Okay, enough with the exclamation points. 
I’m announcing and calling for teams a little early this year, because every other year I waited until I came back from vacation at the shore in August and would be in a panic until I could get everyone on board and set up.
As is always the case, last year’s team owners have right of first refusal for this year’s teams.
If you were a team owner last year and want a team for the 2015 season, just drop me an email at
If you weren’t a team owner last year and want a team, email me. If slots open up—a few always do—teams will be awarded to newcomers on a first-come first-served basis.
As is also the case every year, this year’s champion will win a beautiful crystal trophy from Crown Awards and a regulation sized Lebanon bologna football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Mmmmm. Mmm.
One thing different this year is I will not mock people who start members of the Buffalo Bills. Every other year, I have explained that as a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, I know not to start any of them on my fantasy team.
Barring a team plane crash, this year’s Bills defense should be insane. They’ve got some pretty potent offensive weapons as well, though their quarterback situation is iffy.
Not that anyone ever listened to me anyway. But go ahead. Draft some Bills. I won’t mock you for it. I’ll find something else to bust your chops over. Maybe if you start some Cleveland Browns.
Also, I would like to address one question I answer to various upper-management folks on a one-on-one basis every year.
The Magill Report Fantasy Football League is all in good fun. There is no chance of brand damage by participating. It’s a place for email vendors to compete with one another without trying to steal each other’s accounts.
The league does tend to be hyper-competitive because participating companies put their football fanatics in charge. But all that means is if you have a bad season, it’s no big deal. It’s easy to have a bad season in this league.
And if you win it all, well that’s an accomplishment.
Also, to answer another question that comes up every year, I will not, not, not be running a live draft. Putting this league together is enough like herding cats as it is. 
So if you want a team and a shot at winning that delicious Lebanon bologna football, email me and let’s try and get this league put together before the last minute this year.

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Posted by: Mario Caffey
Date: 2015-07-21 17:05:05
Subject: Magill FFB

Hi Ken, This is Mario from the Omeda team. We would definitely like to join again this year. Thanks, Mario