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Announcing a New Feature: Vendor Spotlight

By Ken Magill
The Magill Report is launching a new weekly feature: Vendor Spotlight.
It is not paid and every email marketing vendor is eligible. Even my so-called friends.
The idea is to turn the column into a resource email newbies and veterans can turn to when they need services.
I will not be doing top-10 lists. I will not be rating or recommending anyone. 
The companies can be very well known or barely on the radar.
I’m envisioning each feature to be 400 to 500 words long and include when the company was founded, how many employees, revenue if possible, and most importantly what their value proposition is and to whom.
I’m thinking one Vendor Spotlight a week, maybe two for a while if the idea takes off.
We may get a nice little e-book out of the deal.
However, it does occur to me that keeping an e-book of Vendor Spotlights up to date could be a huge pain in the neck. If any part of this idea gets more painful than it’s worth, I’ll abandon it like a sow abandons a sick piglet.
Hopefully, it ends up being a nice little service to both readers on the vendor side and readers on the end user side.
Anyone who is interested in a Vendor Profile can email me at I’ll crank them out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Or maybe I’ll crank them out randomly depending on who responds.
Let’s see what happens and I’ll take it from there.

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