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Anti-Spamhaus Group Stophaus Disappears


By Ken Magill

After pounding its collective chest for months, the group believed to have been behind what was described as the largest distributed-denial-of-service attack in Internet history has gone silent.

And ironically, it may be because one of its own tactics was used against its members.

The website for anti-Spamhaus group Stophaus no longer loads. The group’s last tweet is dated July 6.

Neither the group’s official Twitter feed nor one of its more vocal members, Andrew J. Stephens, responded to a direct Twitter inquiry asking whether or not Stophaus has closed shop.

Stophaus has claimed to be behind a massive DDoS attack launched against Spamhaus in March.

A DDoS attack is designed to cripple a network by flooding it with so much useless traffic it can’t process all the requests.

Spamhaus maintains a list of what it claims are sources of spam. Many email inbox providers such as Yahoo! and Comcast use Spamhaus’s listings as at least part of their formula for determining whether or not incoming email is spam. It has been estimated that a listing on Spamhaus can result in as much as 60 percent of a mailer’s messages getting blocked from reaching recipients.

According to various sources, Spamhaus’s servers were at one point in March being inundated with 300 billion bits per second (300Gbps) of data, three times larger than the previous record attack of 100 Gbps.

After the March attack, Stophaus claimed new, massive attacks were on the way. They apparently have yet to materialize.

According to Steve Linford, chief executive of Spamhaus, Stophaus went dark because someone began publicly identifying its members.

“Someone began publicly outing the individuals behind 'STOPhaus', all of them dedicated cybercrime hosts well known to us, based in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, who really did not want their real names and domains outed as there is great police interest in them,” he wrote in an email exchange with the Magill Report.

Ironically, someone from Stophaus or a kindred spirit published what they claimed was Linford’s home address in the comments sections of two articles on this website recently in an apparent effort to scare Linford into thinking people who would like to do him harm now would know where he lives.

According to Linford, the address was that of a rental property he owns in France.

It is unclear where Stophaus participants’ names were originally made public. A post on anti-spam discussion group Nanae identifies them as Andrew Stephens and Sven Kamphuis—two men who have already been publicly linked to Stophaus—and a Russian and a Ukrainian who previously had not been linked to Stophaus.

The Nanae post, however, did not source the information. Hence, no link here.


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Posted by: Your Mama
Date: 2013-08-21 18:17:48
Subject: Threat?

nan-ae reader, You really need to get a grasp on what a "threat" is. A response to an article that considers gathering intel on a target and publishing it publicly as an aggregated record file is EXACTLY what Spamhaus does. If Magill supports such actions against others, then it is far from a threat to have those actions done to himself. It is more like when a cop gets tased before carrying a taser.
Posted by: a nan-ae reader
Date: 2013-08-14 14:05:35
Subject: Oh noes!

And once again stophaus figures the best way to gain support is by threatening to Dox Mr. Magill. Seems they had some tail left to tuck after waging war on Wikipedia. Ref to Usenet that points to Wikipedia ( The basic fact is they despise media they can not control. "frea speech'
Posted by: Your Mama
Date: 2013-08-14 05:03:09
Subject: Fools with Followers

LOL< "Someone" started Doxing STOPhaus Admins? The "Someone" was Stephen John Linford, in response to the outing of his personal address at his new $2 mil. estate, purchased via tax evasive actions and using shell companies like LINFORD REAL ESTATE and a Seychelles-based company filed behind a "Business Management Group" in Mauritius. So, are you just publishing Spamhaus propaganda now Ken? Do you need to be a target? Do you need to be exposed for being a two-faced spammer/spam-fighter...double agent for industry? Do you need to have your name drug through the mud to let it go? If so, we would be obliged to do so if needed.
Posted by: Andrew Stephens
Date: 2013-08-14 04:41:13
Subject: You Imbecile

Ken, are you really that dumb? The STOPhaus Movement was dependent on my mouth. Without my mouth, my support network, and my research it was going to fail within days. The other admins wanted to allow NANAEites and even Linford (yes Stevie Poo, we know what your account was on STOPhaus) Dox the admins and I told them that they are foolish for such an action and left. They can Dox me all they want, I have The Law in my favor...hence the reason I have never been arrested for any of this. I am nothing more than a guy that has no respect for censoring truths to control media. If Spamhaus thinks that censoring me more will make me go away, they have another think coming. The STOPhaus Movement is still growing and the data collected is still being delivered to those who are interested. The public presence is no longer needed because the network is growing internally through closed-door cyber-groups.