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Arrested Dutchman was a Spokesman? Nice Choice


By Ken Magill

Am I the only one who questions Stophaus’s choice in a spokesman?

Dutchman Sven Kamphuis was reportedly arrested in Spain on Friday over accusations that he was behind the massive distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack launched against anti-spam group Spamhaus in March.

Kamphuis was involved with Stophaus, a group of unknown numbers aiming to take down Spamhaus.

Stophaus has claimed credit for the DDoS attack against Spamhaus. However, Stophaus claims Kamphuis was not directly involved in the attack.

Kamphuis just served as a a spokesman for the group, they claim.

Also on Friday, Kamphuis supporters threatened a massive DDoS attack on the Dutch infrastructure if he is not released.

“We demand u to release Sven or we will indeed start the biggest attack u humans have ever experienced towards The Internet, and yourself,” they said in a published statement.

 “Anything and all connected will suffer and do you silly governments really think u can stop millions of human beings? U have no chance, AT ALL,” they continued. “We have seen and tested how weak the current security in The Netherlands is Banks, airports, even your precious ‘DigiD’ [an identity verification service] was taken out within minutes.

“You have been warned.”

In arresting Kamphuis, authorities did the equivalent of shooting the messenger, his supporters claim.

“Imagine a battlefield and on each side is an army. The first Army sends over his messenger to discuss how to find an end resolution to the disagreements and BOOM…the rifle fires and the messenger falls,” they wrote in a second statement. “Is that even tolerable in the most sadistic and neathderthal [sic] cultures? This is exactly what happened in the case of Sven Olaf Kamphius [sic] as a spokesman for multi-national ISPs working in cooperation as a group called The STOPhaus Movement.”

The group continued: “The truth is that Sven Olaf Kamphius [sic] did not orchestrate, execute, or plan a DDoS attack against anyone. The attack was not planned and was carried out by a single person that was not Sven Kamphius [sic]. Sven’s involvement with The STOPhaus Movement is as a spokesman to negotiate a solution or a ‘mediator’ if you will.”

For those who have not been following this story closely, someone claiming to be Kamphuis left long, rambling, confrontational comments on multiple Magill Report articles involving Spamhaus.

My personal favorite was how he responded to me after I told him to cut the nonsense and stop referring to Spamhaus as terrorists:

“[Y]ou need to adjust your definition of terrorism :P the mossad blowing up some over insured 1970s skyscrapers to give george bush and co an excuse to expand the zionists [sic] influence, is not terrorism, thats [sic] an act of war. what spamhaus is doing, is terrorism, by each and every definition of it including the one of your own FBI.”

Mossad is the national intelligence and counterterrorism agency of Israel. So you see, it wasn’t Islamic fundamentalists who crashed jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11. It was the Jooos.

Oh, and the emoticon :P he used in the first line? It symbolizes sticking one’s tongue out.

Nice spokesman/negotiator/mediator you got there, Stophaus.


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Posted by: The STOPhaus Movement
Date: 2013-05-15 01:22:28
Subject: Choices

The STOPhaus Movement has never discussed Zionism and other personal beliefs with Sven, nor does the collective agree or care what his personal beliefs are in that regard. The STOPhaus Movement did not release the Pastebin article referring to an attack on Dutch Governments. As far as we know that was an Anonops release. The STOPhaus Movement is not interested in how much rambling Sven does or the words he chooses to use to describe what he believes is "terrorism". As a collective, we agree on one thing; Spamhaus are terrorists by the definition of the word. If you want to dispute the use of the word, please do so by explaining how known Spamhaus actions do not amount to violations of anti-terrorism laws. Or do you think publishing smear articles about a spokesman's personal beliefs is going to somehow change the facts that Spamhaus are terrorists? Or is it more likely Stephen John Linford has you in his pocket and doesn't like 8it when people remind him what terrorism is, so you want to suppress that content?