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Ask Kara: How Can I Regain Control of my Email Marketing Program?

By Kara Trivunovic
Email marketers often have to juggle a number of requests from partner, product and other internal stakeholders – who all have something to say or promote via the email channel. For email marketers there’s a lot to consider and many moving parts. Without developing a common ground between internal teams it’s easy for email marketers to lose control of their email marketing program strategy. 
As email marketing grows in complexity, “How can I regain control of my email marketing program?” is a question I’ve been getting asked more and more by brand side marketers. If you peel back the layers and forget about inter-office politics the answer to this question is actually quite simple, and it’s something that should be easy for others in your organization to understand when you communicate this to them. When you need to remind your organization of who owns the email channel tell them this: 
Our customers are in charge of our program. It’s not about what we want to say, it’s about what they want to hear from us. If we don’t deliver on that, they won’t engage. 
With customers in mind, it’s time to shift away from the editorial calendar and lists of things you want to promote and instead make it about them. Yes, planning does need to take place and we may never be able to rid our planning of the editorial calendar but email should be a more fluid channel.
Like other channels, consider email the start of a conversation with your customers. You say something to them and they respond. They expect you to reflect that response in what you say next — just as they would if you were having a conversation.
So, as you start the New Year remind yourself, and your organization, that your email program is all about your recipients. Focus on what they want to hear about and deliver messages when they want them. 
Focusing on the customer is something that should resonate with all of your internal stakeholders and help you regain control of your email marketing program. 
Kara Trivunovic is vice president, digital solutions for marketing-services provider Epsilon. If you have any questions about email marketing you would like Kara to answer, email them to her at You can remain anonymous.

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