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Ask Kara: Should I 'Just Send More Email?'

By Kara Trivunovic
With back-to-school upon us and the busy retail holiday shopping season following close behind, a common question that always comes up from the clients I work with rhetorical or not – is “should I just send more email?” Or more realistically – how should I adjust my email volume during seasonal periods? 
While seasonality provides more moments and opportunities for you to send more email, it’s not that simple. As marketing moments present themselves, you not only have to consider the value of what you are putting in front of your customers but also the other ways customers are communicating and interacting with your brand.
Email volume tends to rise considerably in Q4; for example, consider Epsilon’s quarterly email trends and benchmarks report, which analyzed 12.2 billion emails in Q4 2014 compared to 8.7 billion in Q1 2015. This means your content needs to further stand out in order to engage consumers. If you are sending information that your customer is uninterested in or doesn’t get their attention then the act of sending more email is not going to convert customers and impact revenue. A strong offer or promotion likely won’t cut it either. Instead consider how your email, social, digital and even offline campaigns work together to make your message really stand out. 
Another thing to keep in mind is subscribers' level of engagement, or length of engagement with your brand. Loyalists and long-term subscribers are often more tolerant of increased email volume. Still, you need to determine the right mix of content and channel for your specific audience and at various moments during their engagement with you.  
Is it possible that sending more email will equate to more money during seasonal periods? Sure it is. But it’s important to approach email frequency, even during this time, in a strategic way. Are the short-term revenue gains worth the potential losses?
Email subscribers today expect thoughtful and relevant communications and you risk alienating them and limiting a customer lifetime value if you don’t approach your messaging strategically –even during periods of seasonality.
Kara Trivunovic is vice president, digital solutions for marketing-services provider Epsilon. If you have any questions about email marketing you would like Kara to answer, email them to her at You can remain anonymous.

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