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Ask an Expert: Announcing a Twitter Experiment


By Ken Magill

One of the most regularly complimented features in The Magill Report is the Ask an Expert column. People are seemingly always coming up to me in social events at conferences and telling me Ask an Expert is one of their favorite columns in this newsletter.

It also has proven to be the most difficult to maintain.

So far, the most consistent contributors have been the fine folks on Bill McCloskey’s Only Influencers discussion list.

And while I deeply appreciate their contributions, I need to expand the scope of the column. As a result, I’ve decided to try a Twitter experiment.

As many readers know, when I first saw Twitter I thought it was the most dumbassed thing I had ever seen, or close to it anyway.

Then I saw the light.

In the year it’s been live, The Magill Report’s traffic has steadily grown to a respectable level, largely as the result of Twitter retweets.

To all those who have retweeted my stuff, I sincerely thank you.

In part because of the viral nature of Twitter, for the month of July, The Magill Report served a record 49,120 page views and 116,779 ad impressions up from the previous record of 45,014 page views and 103,181 ad impressions served in June.

In any case, I’ve decided to try and use Twitter to feed The Magill Report’s Ask an Expert column, as well.

Starting this week, I will tweet The Magill Report’s Ask-an-Expert questions to my Twitter feed. The questions are open to anyone who believes they have the expertise to answer.

This week’s question is: How do I calculate the value of an email address?

Email any answers to

Try and have them in by Friday. If this experiment works as planned, I will publish the best answers here next week along with a new question.

Anyone? Anyone?


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