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B-to-B Consultants Release Data Report


By Ken Magill
[Publisher's note: There is no email marketing is this story, but the Magill Report has a strong following in business-to-business marketing so I figured the study covered below might be of value. Full disclosure: I've known Bernice Grossman and Ruth Stevens for years.]
Two long-time business-to-business marketing consultants, Bernice Grossman and Ruth Stevens, have published a report detailing the depth of prospecting data available to B-to-B marketers.
Dubbed ìA Deep Dive into B-to-B Prospecting Databases, How Seven Suppliers Compare,î the report compares data available from ALC, Harte-Hanks, HG Data, Infogroup, OneSource, and Stirista.
D&B, HG Data, IDG, Mardev DM2, NetProspex, OneSource, ReachForce, Worldata and Zoominfo were also invited to participate, but did not, according to Grossman and Stevens.
The aim of the study was to get a handle on the depth of prospecting data available to B-to-B marketers and see if data providers have the kind of information marketers need to prospect intelligently, said Stevens.
"I can order up a list of plumbers, but what I really need are plumbers who have this, that and the other characteristic," she said. "I want to know other factors that may be predictive of my success."
Grossman and Stevens said in their executive summary:
"[T]he depth of data available in company records varied considerably among vendors. ìWe conclude that, in terms of the depth of data available on prospective customers, B-to-B marketers have data available to them for analysis and selection that is as rich and productive as that available to consumer marketers. 
"[A]s in the past, we continue to urge marketers to access data from multiple sources to gain maximum market coverage,î Grossman and Stevens said in their executive summary. ìWe also suggest that marketers who order prospecting data ask vendors very carefully about the nature of the data sources and compilation methods they use. Finally, we recommend that marketers conduct a pre-test of the data to assess its applicability to their particular marketing need."
Grossman is president of DMRS Group, Inc., a marketing database consultancy in New York City.
Stevens consults on customer acquisition & retention, and teaches marketing at graduate schools and corporations.
Access their study here.

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