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Best. Contextual Ad. Ever

By Ken Magill
And the award for getting the best text ad ever goes to ... me!
Often when I want to learn something about a company—in particular, what employees think of it—I go to
Last week, I did a Glassdoor search on email service provider Blue Hornet to check out a rumor someone had passed along. The rumor didn't pan out, but the search did.
Glassdoor is also a jobs-listing site.
After hitting return, the search string somehow got changed to Hornet Blue Jobs. It came back empty of results, but offered something so much better: a contextual text ad for a certain type of job.
Some things to consider before you see the ad: 
What does my marketing profile say that would make Google’s algorithm serve me an ad for such a job?
How does one qualify for this particular type of job? 
How does one apply?
Why are there only four openings?
Is there room for growth?
Will my pay be performance based?
Why “now hiring?” Shouldn’t this be the type of job for which someone is always hiring?
Is prior experience a plus, but not necessary?
Click here to see a screenshot of the Glassdoor page and ad. You may have to scroll down a little to see the ad. Warning: Not Safe for Work.

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