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Best. Pandora Recommendation. Ever.


A punk-rock-fan friend of mine recently received what has to be the best Pandora recommendation ever. [Warning: Major crudeness ahead.]

Pandora is a service where subscribers enter their favorite music and receive automated recommendations for other music based on their tastes.

“Pandora is a great service, and yes, I like the Dead Kennedys very much, so the algorithm which chose this wasn't off base...” wrote my friend when he kindly forwarded the email to me with permission to use it in the Magill Report.

“But boy, when machines make our (informed) decisions for us without human intervention or review, sometimes greatness ensues...

“-- Yid Vicious”

Yes, my friend is Jewish. No, his name is not Yid.

In any case the Pandora email arrived with the subject line: “It wasn’t an accident”

“That Dead Kennedys song was no accident,” began the body copy.

“It was the product of your 25 thumbs up and 2 thumbs down in 2013.

“A year-long musical journey across all your stations that brought songs like Dirty Robber by the Sonics into your life. And made not-so-favorites like Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones a distant memory.

“All thanks to your thumbs.

“Your thumbs helped create a musical roadmap that led you to more likely-to-be-liked music.

“Eventually leading you to enjoy the magic of Too Drunk To Fuck (Live) in a way that only you can.


“Now playing. You.”

I don’t have the stomach to ask my friend just how it was he enjoyed that song. The chances for a visual that would require eyeball bleaching are too close to 100 percent.


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