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Bluecore Unveils New Segmenting Tool

By Ken Magill
Automate triggered-email platform provider Bluecore has unveiled a tool the company claims allows marketers to segment their email files quickly and easily without involving IT.
Dubbed Live Segments, the tool allows marketers to “retain control over key elements like email creative and program strategy, while automating the labor intensive processes around segmentation, data analysis and product recommendations,” the company said in a release.
“In a recent survey of eCommerce marketers,” the release continued, “more than 70 percent of respondents acknowledged that extracting actionable, revenue-producing insight from marketing data is ‘moderate-to-very difficult.’ Email marketers know these challenges all too well, commonly enduring a slow and manual process involving multiple employees across marketing, merchandising, design and IT departments to send a single, large-volume email.”
“If you look at the marketer day to day or week to week, the vast majority of revenue comes from the batch-and-blast emails with nothing personalized or segmented,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “Live Segments is Bluecore’s answer to making 90 percent of your email very personalized and relevant based on the data we already know about you.”
Key to Live Segment’s value proposition is “it allows you to slice and dice data really easily, make sense of that data and then generate unique emails to that customer all within one platform all without ever having to talk to a developer or an analytics person,” Mohamood said.
“We have all the behavioral data, the customer data and the product catalog data, all the way down to what products they browsed and what they searched for, all of which you can now use,” he said.
For example, the marketer could create a segment of customers who have viewed a particular product in the last seven days, he said.
“This is a dynamic segment, which means it is always being calculated,” he said. “You can set it so it is being calculated every day or every few hours, so once you create your segment, it’s there for you.
“You can create these smart segments that say ‘Hey, my segment should only have people who interacted with these products within the last seven days,’ which means that if you operate with that segment, you’re going to be relevant to them,” Mohamood said. 
The data feeds are also automated, he added.
“Here, no one needs to feed data into it. They just put a Java Script on there and we have the data,” he said. 
“The other key is when you have terabytes of data, creating these segments used to take hours sometimes days,” he said. “And it was not in control of the marketer. As an email marketer, you would say: ‘Hey business analyst, I need a segment.’ They may come back with half a million, and you say: ‘That’s too big I want to change it.’ Well, you’ve got to submit a new request.”
According to Mohamood, Live Segments allows email marketers to fiddle with the parameters of their segments using drop-down menus and the results come back in seconds.
“Literally, you can slice and dice hundreds of gigabytes of data in one system,” he said. “This sort of segmentation power was not [traditionally] in the ability of a marketer, which is why they still do batch and blast. Now they can say ‘I can really get dynamic and personal because this one system has all of my data.’”
He added that such segmenting capabilities will allow email marketers to craft more personalized creative.
“Now static creative can even be personal,” he said.

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