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Busted! Time for a New Alter Ego

By Ken Magill
It may finally be time to retire Shuvitt Inyurass for good.
Oh, I’ve retired him temporarily a few times. But this time I think his run may really be over.
As long-time readers know, Shuvitt Inyurass was my fake name in a 2009 exchange with a Nigerian 419 scammer in which I introduced family members such as Pierce D. Boyle and Lihtta Pharty Inyurass.
I would link to the original Shuvitt Inyurass/419 scammer exchange, but the publisher who recently acquired my old publisher, Penton Media's marketing group, has seemingly wiped out most of the work I did there. 
In any case, I have used the fake name and email address,, to communicate with various likely scam artists over the ensuing years to see, among other things, if they can spot its obvious absurdity.
If they can’t, it means English is not their first language. A lot of email list scammers claim to have common English names like Brian or Ian. And when they can’t recognize the ridiculousness of Shuvitt Inyurass it’s a clear sign they’re misrepresenting their first name.
Often, list scams originate out of India.
Recently, I had a guy on the hook,, claiming he had email lists of Canadian executives for sale. Sending unsolicited email to Canadians is a crime. So, by definition, “Brian” was telling me he was willing to enable me to break Canadian law.
After several days of back and forth in which Brian quoted me counts and prices and assured me all was on the up-and-up, Brian sent the following:
“I hope this is not one of your social experiment!!”
The email included the full text of a previous Magill Report article featuring Shuvitt Inyurass. Apparently, Brian knows how to use Google.
“Please advice.
Note the grammatical errors. I was so close to getting a work order out of Brian, but now the jig was up.
He told me he would only move forward if I wired him money up front. I told him we both knew his name wasn’t Brian, asked him how the weather was in India, and with that he was gone.
Frankly, I was surprised I didn’t get busted sooner. I would think a Google search would be part of any business negotiation with an unknown party.
In any case, I clearly need a new alter ego. Allow me to introduce Rahmit Inyerbutt.

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