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Company Claims to Revolutionize Interactive Email


By Ken Magill

Nick Dillard is claiming he and his team at Enteractive Mail Solutions are revolutionizing interactive commercial email messages.

“Our company has developed what is known as a Mycrosite,” he wrote in an email pitching the concept to a colleague. [Hat tip: Ruth Stevens] “Mycrosites are menu-driven websites, scaled down to email size, that display entirely within the framework of an email. They are an absolutely new concept.

“Within a Mycrosite, you can play a YouTube video or browse a page-turning digital catalog. You can like, tweet and pin,” Dillard continued. “‘Try-on’ applications can be incorporated into a Mycrosite, as well. But the most exciting feature offered by a Mycrosite is that it allows the customer to view the retailer’s entire eCommerce site without ever leaving the email space.”

The year-old company claims a who’s-who list of clients including Twitter,, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Groupon, CNN News, Hulu, Foursquare, ESPN Sports and the White House.

Perhaps most powerfully, Enteractive Mail Solutions claims to guarantee images will render by default in recipients’ inboxes.

As a result, the so-called “open rate” becomes a true metric.

Traditionally, images are off by default in most inboxes. An “open” is registered when the receiving machine calls for graphics from the sender, rendering the open rate a useful but inexact metric.

When images are on by default, the open rate becomes an exact metric.

According to Dillard, Enteractive Mail Mycrosites increase open rates by an average of 24 percent.

 “The recipient remains fully engaged and interactive inside the email, without the need to redirect to remote web pages,” said Dillard.

“With a Mycrosite, a retailer can put their entire ecommerce site inside their direct-marketing email, from catalogs to videos of their products to their shopping cart. The email recipient cannot become distracted by outside websites, or frustrated by stacks of open windows.”

The downside of this technology is that inbox holders must download an application.

However, according to Dillard, the need to download an app is “no big deal” as long as the retailer explains the benefits of doing so to recipients.

“If the message comes from Macy’s, there’s a trust factor there,” he said.


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Posted by: Leslie Turner
Date: 2013-08-13 13:52:37
Subject: Next Big Thing?

This technology seems brilliant! Finally no more pop ups! Nothing worse than receiving an email from a retailer and having to open a new browser window, or worse yet, having to actually find the item they are advertising. Talk about a time saver. I'm really looking forward to this.
Posted by: Nick Dillard
Date: 2013-07-23 20:54:31
Subject: Mycrosites

Yes, we are partnered with PowerInbox with our technology and our team has work extremely hard build a product that is does what it says it can do. Most emails from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon uses our partnered technology and it works extremely well. I would welcome any opportunity for anyone to demo our technology. The email experience is nothing less than phenomenal.
Posted by: Justin
Date: 2013-07-23 17:33:33
Subject: PowerInbox?

Their "clientele" seems and buzz seems to be pulled directly from PowerInbox's website: I would like to know which of their stellar clientele actually uses their platform. The email experience is broken and badly needs to be fixed. Best of luck.