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Company Hawking Unauthorized DMA List

By Ken Magill
Someone’s hawking an unauthorized DMA conference-attendee list.
A company has approached at least one Direct Marketing Association fall-conference exhibitor, claiming to have a list of the conference attendees for sale.
In an email forwarded to the Magill Report, someone passing herself off as Irene Scott, demand generation executive for Datas Research, wrote:
“I understand that your company is exhibiting at DMA 2015 - Boston, MA.
“Would you be interested in purchasing a Confirmed Attendees list with their complete contact information including their email and phone number?
“We have available 5,000 attendees in the list with their complete contacts information.”
The sender is apparently unaware the DMA as changed the name of its fall show to @THEN.
The executive who received the pitch from Scott requested his name and company be kept out of any resulting coverage. The executive also received, and forwarded to the Magill Report, a similar prospecting pitch from someone passing herself off as Susan Miller at
I reached out to Datas Research’s Scott with a message from a ridiculous dummy email address I set up years ago to communicate with suspected scammers:
One reason I use that address, besides the fact that it’s fun to sign off in communications with slime balls as Shuvitt Inyurass, is because if the recipient doesn’t recognize its obvious absurdity, it is safe to say English is not his or her first language.
After reaching out to Scott, I received a message from someone passing himself off as Adam Joseph:
“Hi Shuvitt,
“Thanks for your response. Your email had been forwarded to me by Irene.
“Can you kindly provide me you company and official email address.
“With regards to your list query-
“List Type
“DMA Annual Conference- Attendees List
“These contacts are confirmed attendees attending the show and is double
verified via tele verification and email.
“List Details:
“Opt-in Process: we do opt-in campaigns as per Can Spam Act. We send out permission letter to each contact and once they agree to receive 3rd party (any of our clients) email or call regarding any marketing or promotional offer, we add their name in our opt-in file.
“List Update - We update our database once in every 30. All emails addresses are validated and collected in line with US /European law and validated monthly using mail verification software. Any bounces or returns which are validated as "hard" bounces are removed and re-cleaned or replaced monthly.
“The list include the below data fields and are provided with 100% of the contacts- Business name, Web Address/URL, Contact name, Job Titles, Postal address (street address, city, state, zip code, country), Phone, and Direct email address.
“The list will be again re-verified and delivered within 3-5 business days after the order confirmation
”Delivered in XLS, CSV, Txt format
“Unlimited usage rights- We have no limitations to the usage of the list. You are free to undertake any number of multi-channel marketing to this list.
“Guarantee terms:
“85% on email deliverability and 90% on all other data fields.
“Any hard bounce over this limit will be replaced by fresh and new
contacts without any extra cost.
“Let me know your thoughts
“***Note- the list will be available on first come first serve basis, Book
your list now! ( list will be available for only first 10 customers)
“Adam Joseph | Director- Business Development
“BtoB Global”
A few things to note: Joseph’s grammar and punctuation are pretty bad. The list is for perpetual use. While some U.S. data sellers make email addresses available for perpetual use, the claim should ring warning bells. The list is claimed to be available for only the first 10 customers. Yes, scarcity can be a successful sales tactic, but it certainly doesn’t smell right here.
I wrote back:
“Hi Adam:
“I do have one question. Did you get the attendee list from the DMA? Or if not, how was the list built?
“Shuvitt Inyurass”
He responded:
“Sources for attendees list:-
“We acquired the attendees list of companies and job titles from our tradeshow sources.
“Next, we match these companies & titles with our own master database of companies (7 million companies & 40 million contacts) and we appended the contact name, email, phone, physical mailing address, company size, industry and LinkedIn profile of the contacts. After the contact appending, we validated the email addresses and phone numbers and re-confirmed that the contacts are going to the show.
“Opt-in Process: we do opt-in campaigns as per Can Spam Act. We send out permission letter to each contact and once they agree to receive 3rd party (any of our clients) email or call regarding any marketing or promotional offer, we add their name in our opt-in file.
“Kindly provide me your official email address.
“Adam Joseph | Director- Business Development
“BtoB Global”
I responded: “Just to be clear, you're not an official representative of the DMA?”
He responded: “No.”
The DMA released the following statement:
“BtoB Global is not an authorized representative of the Direct Marketing Association and has no business relationship with DMA or our upcoming annual event, &THEN. Any offer made claiming to provide DMA attendee lists for sale are not legitimate. DMA is taking this matter very seriously and will be taking immediate action to stop this company’s actions. Marketers should report any further offers alleging DMA attendee lists for sale to the DMA.”-Senny Boone, general counsel, DMA.

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Posted by: Jane Ryan
Date: 2016-11-02 08:02:44
Subject: Further BToB Global scam

We have just been duped by a Mr Danny Morgan into buying a list of 34,700 psychologists, that he assured us are members of the American Psychological Association. The data received was basically rubbish. We will be taking legal steps to try and get a full refund.
Posted by: Ken Magill
Date: 2015-09-01 17:03:24
Subject: Perpetual use

I have toned that language down. Thanks, Kirk.
Posted by: Kirk Nagle
Date: 2015-09-01 15:56:21
Subject: Perpetual use of emails

Hi Ken, A year or so ago you published my letter which pointed out that companies such as Dun & Bradstreet do offer emails for perpetual use. We sell them! Thanks, Kirk Nagle Direct Response Associates, Inc. 1544 Hamilton St. Allentown PA 18102 (Allentown has been Dun & Bradstreet's data acquisition headquarters for nearly 40-years)
Posted by: Shamus Onthem
Date: 2015-09-01 15:13:08
Subject: Thank you!