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DoubleClick's O'Connor Discusses

By Ken Magill

Ten years after resigning from the company he co-founded, DoubleClick, Kevin O’Connor has launched a new venture

Launched in August and still in beta, aims to help people sift through the massive amounts of information online and give them objective, factual information to help them make side-by-side comparisons when researching considered purchases like cameras and colleges.

O’Connor said the idea for his new venture came as a result of his personal frustration in researching things such as family vacations and college options for his kids online.

When asked how he plans to make money with, O’Connor said: “There’s no better place to be than a comparison engine. People are in the final stages of deciding what they’re going to buy … but we’re not really focused on [making money] right now.”

He said revenue may come from cost-per-lead and/or cost-per-action business models, however.

“I think it will vary from comparison app to comparison app,” he said.

O’Connor said he is relying on search-engine optimization, and press and blog coverage to build a user base.

“The media has really changed in 10 years. A lot of the traditional outlets are mausoleums or gone,” he said. “Bloggers are really driving things now.” currently does not have a comparison application for email service providers, but O’Connor said he’d certainly consider adding one if he can get the needed information.


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