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E-Marketing Vet Cohen Lands New Gig

By Ken Magill
Online marketing veteran Jordan Cohen has been named chief marketing officer of cost-per-lead customer acquisition firm Fluent, the Magill Report has learned.
The position is reportedly a newly created role.
Previously, Cohen was vice president of marketing at dynamic content enabler Movable Ink.
He reportedly started his job at Fluent yesterday.
Founded in 2010, “Fluent is the best-kept secret in customer acquisition,” said Cohen.
The company has a technology platform that enables marketers to specify who their best prospects are and target those prospects with ads on a network of “hundreds” of sites on a cost-per-lead and –acquisition basis, according to Cohen.
“If your target audience is [John Smith] and this is how much money he makes and what his interests are, they can target it to [Smith] and they also do lookalike targeting,” said Cohen. “If they know that [John Smith] signs up for certain types of offers and makes purchases, somebody like [John Smith] will have those same purchasing habits. They’ll target those folks, as well.
“And they are able do it on a massive scale,” he said.
According to Cohen, New-York-based Fluent has the ability to drive significant volumes of email signups.
“I've seen them drive more than 20,000 sign ups in a single day for a large online retailer, and they've done more than half a million a month for individual brands,” he said.
Fluent is behind the registration paths of more than 100 publishers, including Yahoo! Sports, said Cohen.
“When you sign up there, you might hit one of our registration paths,” he said. “You’ll be asked a series of questions and then based on the answers to those questions, we’ll present you with offers that are most likely to interest you,” he said. “The offers will also be presented to you if you fit the criteria and the model the advertiser is looking for.”
Part of Cohen’s job will apparently be to make inroads with big-brand marketers.
“They’ve been working largely with traditional direct marketers,” said Cohen. “What they’re looking to do is become a force with brand marketers in [segments such as] retail travel, apparel, consumer finance and entertainment.”
This is not Cohen’s first customer-acquisition-services-provider gig. Before Movable Ink, Cohen was vice president of business development for mobile ad signup firm Pontiflex.

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Posted by: Charles Stiles
Date: 2014-08-12 21:53:51
Subject: Congrats to Fluent AND Jordan

Jordan's a great colleague and great friend; Fluent is lucky to land him. Good story, Ken!