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Email Isn't Dead: It's Threatening Lives

By Ken Magill
The scariest indication ever that email isn’t dead is a recent survey by State Farm in which 25 percent of drivers admitted they have checked email on their smart phones while driving.
This is up from 15 percent in 2009, according to State Farm.
Please tell me they’re checking their messages at red lights.
Email even beat out social media in the State Farm study.
Twenty percent of drivers admitted to checking social media such as Twitter while driving this year, compared to 9 percent in 2009.
Think of it this way: When you design emails to be easily read and clicked on a smartphone, you may be helping prevent auto accidents.
Time to Renew my Annual Vow
In fall of 2009, I vowed to ban the phrase “holiday shopping” from my old newsletter Magilla Marketing. This week, I am repeating that vow for the Magill Report.
Why avoid such a seemingly innocuous term? Because “holiday shopping” is a politically correct cancer attempting to imply that a wide range of “holidays” drives fourth-quarter retailing. That we’ve let this piece of idiocy so infect our national discussion on retail sales is pathetic.
There is one holiday overwhelmingly driving fourth-quarter shopping: It’s Christmas. Without Christmas, there would be no November and December surge in retail sales.
Also, calling it “Christmas shopping” is neither endorsing Christmas nor Christianity. It’s simply labeling the cause of a yearly spike in retail sales accurately.
Two years ago, I decided to wipe the word “holiday” from my verbal vocabulary, as well, and began wishing retail clerks and cashiers “merry Christmas.” Some were clearly startled at even hearing the phrase. 
Now don’t get me wrong. I understand why retailers use the phrase “holiday shopping” in their fourth-quarter promotional material even when the promotions are accompanied by Christmas songs.
If I’m a retailer, I want money from even the most politically correct over-sensitive weenies in my customer base, so I say “happy holidays” at the close of every transaction and smile like I mean it.
But I’m not a retailer. I’m a reporter. And although one would not know it by the current state of journalism, reporting is supposed to be all about delivering facts and labeling trends and events accurately. Acknowledging that the fourth-quarter spike in retail sales is driven overwhelmingly by Christmas shouldn’t have to be a political statement.
But sadly it is.
In any case, merry Christmas, everybody!

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Posted by: Steven Mintz
Date: 2014-12-17 07:19:18
Subject: Old Ken Back

OK, after my last comment, nice to see that you have not been taken over by Dudley Do-rite. Merry Christmas!