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Email No. 1 Tool for Workers: Pew

By Ken Magill
Nope. Still not dead. Not even resting.
Email is by far the tool workers consider most important for accomplishing their jobs, according to a recent survey by Pew Research.
And while the Internet is a close second, social media sites are dead last, according to Pew.
Sixty one percent of 1,066 adult, employed Internet users surveyed in September said email is “very important” to their jobs, according to Pew. Fifty four percent assessed the Internet the same way, Pew reported.
This is compared to 4 percent who said social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, are “very important” to their jobs, according to Pew.
Also, while some think digital tools are a workplace distraction, employees apparently do not agree.
Just 7 percent of those surveyed said email, the Internet and cell phones have reduced their productivity while 46 percent said the tools make them more productive, according to Pew.
Fifty one percent of Internet-using workers said digital tools expand the number of people woth whom they communicate outside their company, Pew reported.
Thirty nine percent said digital tools allow them more flexibility in the hours they work, according to Pew.
Thirty five percent said digital tools increase the number of hours they work, according to Pew.
Also, 46 percent said their workplaces block access to certain websites and have rules about what they can and cannot post online, Pew reported.

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