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Email Vet Dayman Leaves Eloqua/Oracle; Joins Return Path

By Ken Magill
Email marketing veteran Dennis Dayman has left Eloqua/Oracle to join marketing intelligence firm Return Path, the Magill Report has learned.
Dayman joins Return Path as its chief security, privacy and deliverability officer. He reportedly made the move today.
“I made the switch to start something new and challenge myself further,” wrote Dayman in an email exchange with the Magill Report. “I’ve had a wonderful six years with Eloqua and was given tremendous opportunities there to help build the world’s first marketing automation platform, be a part of taking the company public, and then selling it to Oracle so it could become the centerpiece of Oracle's marketing cloud. 
Oracle acquired marketing and demand-generation software firm Eloqua last year for a reported $810 million. Dayman was part of Eloqua when it was acquired.
“It’s been a year now since Oracle acquired Eloqua and my job was done with helping where I could on the migration strategies,” he wrote.
“My career path has either been working with the ISP or ESP’s and by coming to Return Path I have a chance to work with both sides of the data sources that can give brands the ability to see more clearly than ever before,” he wrote.
One area of particular attraction for Dayman apparently was the email intelligence tools Return Path gained when it acquired OtherInbox two years ago. Another was its security services.
Return Path’s OtherInbox acquisition brought with it a panel of 2 million email address holders that allowed Return Path to gain insight into how people interact with their email messages.
Among the metrics Return Path offers are the so-called read rate, or the percentage of messages that get opened and read; the delete-without-open rate; the ignore rate; the percentage flagged as spam by recipients, the percentage flagged as not spam by recipients, the percentage delivered into recipients’ inboxes and the percentage sent to recipients’ spam folders.
Return Path also offers email security and anti-phishing services.
“Eloqua’s biggest premise was having email intelligence shows you who your customers really are and what they really want. Return Path is in that same market now, helping brands do smarter marketing and protect their brands from the ever-evolving security issues arising in today digital communications,” Dayman wrote.
“As a friend of Return Path and advisor for over 12 years, it was natural that I come aboard and join another successful company in this area.”
Earlier this year, Dayman was awarded the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council’s Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year Award.

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