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Enteractive Mail Adds New Tools; No Downloads Required

By Ken Magill
Enteractive Mail Solutions has added some new email design tools to its offerings that unlike its original product don’t require end users to download an app, according to company founder and CEO Nick Dillard.
The company’s original product, Mycrosites, are menu-driven websites, scaled to email size that can include a YouTube video, a page-turning catalog or an entire ecommerce site.
However, to view Mycrosites, end users must download an app.
Enteractive Mail Solutions’ new tools, dubbed Mixed Media Mail, allow marketers to deliver interactive graphical emails without requiring a download, according to Dillard.
“We’ve brought together a series of dynamic tools that provide a series of templates that work with most ESPs,” said Dillard. “It’s very simple and easy to use. You’re not bound by any design guidelines in using any of the templates.” 
One of the new tools, a so-called slider, allows images to be displayed in a sliding carousel, enabling the sender to offer multiple items in the same space as a single item.
“Those images can be large. They can be small,” said Dillard. “It can be a combination of images and text. Whatever you want.”
The company is also offering “tickers” that display similarly to a stock-market ticker or a news feed.
A third new product is the countdown timer that can be used for real-time events such as auctions.
“This is a great way to grab attention for sales in the [otherwise] boring email space,” said Dillard.
Also among Enteractive Mail Solutions new offerings is the so-called Smart Strip that allows senders to make real-time offerings based on recipients’ clickstream data.
“The Smart Strip is an intelligent html template,” said Dillard. “It will provide real-time recommendations for related products in their email in a carousel. It will send a specific email to a specific recipient based on their specific interests.”
Mixed Media Mail also allows marketers to add Twitter, Facebook and other feeds to their messages with a product called Social Signature.
According to Dillard, the new features render on desktops, laptops and mobile and are compatible with all the major email platforms with the exception of AOL.
See demos of the new tools here.

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