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Epsilon Does the Magill Report Championship Trophy Proud


By Ken Magill

There is little more gratifying in publishing this newsletter than presenting the annual Magill Report Fantasy Football League championship Lebanon bologna football and crystal trophy.

It’s even more gratifying to see people who truly appreciate the award.

This year’s Magill Report FFL champion, Epsilon, is carting its trophy around like hockey’s Stanley Cup.

It was on display at Epsilon’s booth at the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council’s conference in Miami last month. Its next stop will reportedly be the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas later this month.

Thank you, Epsilon. Your enthusiasm has made the gas, money and time spent delivering your fantasy football spoils more than worthwhile.

Epsilon's Harmony Army fantasy football team co-manager Brittany Burke and I showing off the Magill Report Fantasy Football League championship trophy at Epsilon's booth at the eec conference in Miami earlier this month. I'm the fat guy on the right.

And in case you weren't sure who won...


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