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Facebook in a Nutshell: Food, Rude Politics, Insipid Inspiration

By Ken Magill
I don’t post on Facebook. I just don’t think anything about my life will be all that interesting to others. Unless, that is, I can turn it into a marketing column here.
However, after denigrating Twitter only to have to apologize later, I decided to at least start a Facebook profile and get a few friends to see what I might be missing.
For one thing, I learned there is a reason I lost touch with a bunch of people.
Because here is what I was missing:
Mmmm. Fresh-baked brownies straight out of the oven.
Video: ISIS beheads hostages
Yay! Daiquiris on the patio! 
Watch this man play with lions
Obama just paved the way for a nuclear-powered Iran
Screaming goat! LMAO!
Read this article to see how stupid Republicans are
Read this article to see how crazy Democrats are
LOL Drunk girl on the beach
Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud 
Easter with the family!
People who think Hillary would not make a good president are the same people who thought Sarah Palin would be a great president.
We missed you yesterday, Gina!
More of Clinton’s foul nature EXPOSED!
Watch as a returning veteran surprises his daughter 
Disturbing video shows man punching toddler in the face. WTF! Wow.
If I didn’t have pets, my wallet would have more money but my heart would be empty
Me and my family in Times Square! [Translation: Attention burglars; my house is empty]
Watch as sleepy puppy tries to guard a sleeping baby
Republicans move to kick the elderly off food stamps
No games. Just real women looking for a faithful man. Click here to see Pics!
This dog was left out in the cold for three weeks
My new manicure.
Today is national pet day! Share a photo of your pet!
ISIS launches ‘We Will Burn America’ campaign
Birthday cake. Yummy.
I don’t think I’ll be apologizing for my disdain of Facebook anytime soon. Exit question: Why do so many people think it’s okay to publish links to political hit jobs on Facebook in such a sneering fashion? Or is it just my Facebook feed that is polluted with this nonsense?

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