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Fluent Debuts 'Email Marketing Scape'

By Ken Magill
Cost-per-lead customer-acquisition firm Fluent has published a visual map of many of the major vendors in the email marketing industry, a so-called “Email Marketing Scape.”
The visual representation lumps vendors into various categories and places in boxes. Fittingly, email service providers occupy the central box.
Of course, publishing subjective lists can be risky because they require judgment on who makes them and how they should be categorized.
Fluent’s email marketing scape is no exception. Jordan Cohen, Fluent’s chief marketing officer, said he has already heard from people who believe their company was either unfairly left out or place in the wrong box.
“This is obviously very subjective,” said Cohen. The companies included are those Cohen believes “are out there and getting on the radar” by being visible through, among other things, publishing and attending and participating in conferences.
There are some notable absentees, particularly in the email-service-provider box, such as StrongView, iContact and Vertical Response, for example.
Cohen said it was simply not possible to include all the ESPs. “For ESPs, I took what I thought would be a good representative example,” Cohen said. “ESPs are central to this ecosystem and I feel like there are more than 1,000 of them out there. [To include all of them] I would need multiple slides.”
Cohen said the graphic is modeled after the so-called LUMAscapes published by investment banking firm LUMA Partners.
LUMAscapes are visual models of various marketing technology sectors. See them here.
“I think it was a big miss by LUMA Partners to have done these ecosystem graphs for every other digital marketing channel other than email, which is the workhorse and the real moneymaker in the digital marketing department,” Cohen said.
Indeed, there LUMAscapes for display, search, video, mobile, social, commerce, digital capital, gaming, strategic buyer, marketing technology and content marketing, but none solely devoted to email marketing.
Email marketing occupies the top left corner of the marketing technology LUMAscape.
“One of the goals of [Fluent’s Email Marketing Scape] is to demonstrate just how vast and complex email marketing has become in its own right,” said Cohen.
He said he plans to add to it in the near future.
Click here to see it.

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Posted by: Manny Ju
Date: 2015-01-22 13:27:38
Subject: Email is Evolving

Thanks, Jordan, for pulling this info together. With apologies to those omittied, it is nice to have a single view of all those who help make email marketing as wildly successful as it is. Thanks also for including @Pay as an Emergining technology. We believe that through our technology, email marketers will rethink how they monetize their programs into the next decade.