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FreshAddress Acquires Multivariate Testing Tool


By Ken Magill

Data-services firm FreshAddress today announced it has acquired EmailTestbox, a multivariate testing tool that it claims can identify email images that are drawing the most opens and clicks as campaigns are sent, and adjust the creative for yet-to-be-opened emails accordingly.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Created by Netherlands developer Arjan Bosboom and marketing consultant Jordie Van Rijn, EmailTestbox allows marketers to ensure messages contain the best performing content as people open their emails, according to FreshAddress.

“You send the email as you normally would and then after the send is when things get optimized,” said Mike Iarrobino, product manager for FreshAddress. “It happens when folks open and begin pulling images down.”

So apparently if, say, a red “click here” button is getting more clicks than a blue one, the red one will automatically be set to be delivered to recipients who haven’t opened their messages yet.

According to Iarrobino, the service is ESP agnostic.

“It requires just a small piece of code that you dump into your template,” he said. “Then that code allows you to serve up different versions of that template as folks open.”

At first glance, the acquisition would seem an odd fit for a company that specializes in data quality. However, according to Iarrobino, it is an answer to client needs.

“Our services up to this point have focused on the list, but we get plenty of clients who say: ‘That’s great but can you help us on what offers should we send?’” said Iarrobino. “Most of our services are based around data and tools to help use that data. We felt this was a good way to expand into a space that clients have been asking for.”

When asked what results he has seen EmailTestbox deliver, Iarrobino said in a campaign sent by a travel company, the winning email delivered a 4 percent click rate versus 2 percent and 3 percent for the other two options.

Iarrobino declined to say how FreshAddress plans to price the new service.

“We don’t know how we’re going to go with it, but we want to make it available to FreshAddress clients in the near term,” he said. “We’ll make that [pricing] determination as we go, but I wouldn’t commit us to any model other than to say we want FreshAddress clients up and running yesterday.”


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