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FreshAddress Enters Email Intelligence Fray

By Ken Magill
Email data-services firm FreshAddress today announced the relaunch of an email competitive-intelligence service.
Dubbed Emailium, the service provides a searchable real-time-updated database of commercial emails from 9,000 brands going back to 2009, according to FreshAddress.
The service was created by James Paden, who is currently director of product management at Oracle, in 2009. FreshAddress recently acquired the service and claims to have revamped it.
Emailium captures the deployments of 20 some email service providers across 140 industries, according to FreshAddress.
Email marketers can search Emailium’s database by industry, company, subject line, body text, color, send date, or ESP, according to FreshAddress.
Also, according to FreshAddress, each creative is interactive, viewable with and without images, and includes full HTML source code.
The move puts FreshAddress in competition with two other competitive-email-intelligence providers: Return Path and eDataSource.
FreshAddress’s service will be lower priced than Return Path’s or eDataSource’s, according to Mike Iarrobino, product manager for FreshAddress.
“There is a case to be made for all three, depending on who you are,” said Iarrobino. “Return Path and eDataSource are great products. They have a very high price point. They’re a big solution.
“Our product comes in at a lower price point,” he said. “I think of the person who is signing up manually for competitive emails and is one guy who is wearing too many hats as the perfect fit for Emailium.”
Emailium also can serve as creative inspiration much in the way so-called swipe files—files of competitors’ campaigns used to steal ideas—have worked for traditional direct-marketing creative-services employees over the years, according to Iarrobino.
“One use-case is the email geek saying: ‘How the heck am I going to put together a black Friday email again?’” said Iarobbino. “We’re very visually oriented. It’s very Pinterest style, so it will appeal to those who are design inclined.”
“You can access the full interactive email rather than just the image,” added Katherine Boyarsky, marketing associate. “We offer the full HTML source code for the email.”
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Posted by: Mike Johnston -
Date: 2015-08-10 17:10:11
Subject: An alternative

Emailium is one of the better solutions out there, and, in our limited dealings with them, the folks at FreshAddress are good people. My company, Notablist, has approached the problem in a different way. Notablist is email newsletter search and monitoring. We have real-time coverage of nearly 400,000 publishers and a database of nearly 5MM newsletters. It's all real-time and we provide daily campaign updates to subscribers for their bookmarked publishers. I think Emailium does some very good things, a few of which we don't do (we're working to change that). Of course, I'm somewhat biased and believe our solution is more comprehensive, but I'll leave that assessment to those who've used both.
Posted by: Ken Magill
Date: 2014-10-07 17:19:18
Subject: My bad

I should have made the fact it was a relaunch clear. I will fix it.
Posted by: Mike Iarrobino, FreshAddress
Date: 2014-10-07 17:09:26
Subject: Yes - revamped / re-launched :)

Yes! Emailium has indeed been around for a while, a great concept brought to fruition by James Paden (of Compendium / Oracle). Seeing the opportunity, we acquired it last year and have spent the time since revamping and improving it. Our announcement today highlights the re-launch of the product with additional features (really exciting industry reporting and triggered email tracking, and a much larger tracked database), as well as continued support of the design use case that the original app did so well. If you've used Emailium in the past, we'd love for you to see what we've done to the place!
Posted by: BW
Date: 2014-10-07 17:07:50
Subject: Emailium acquired by FA

According to FA's press release, they "recently acquired and expanded the service"
Posted by: Robi86
Date: 2014-10-07 16:55:28
Subject: Emailium has been around for years

How is this new? Have had a subscription to it for a long time. The twitter handle was active starting in 2010. It's useful but can sometimes be hit or miss.