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FreshAddress Launches Facebook Marketing Tool

By Ken Magill
Data services provider FreshAddress has launched a tool called Audience Connector it claims will help marketers advertise more effectively on Facebook.
“For years, marketing teams have been able to use Facebook custom audiences to target specific users for ads,” the company said in a release. “But many marketers found that they couldn’t reach many of their current customers, limiting their ability to take advantage of the social media platform. They key problem: many consumers signed up for Facebook years ago using a different email address.
“With Audience Connector, FreshAddress enables marketers to reach their targets, even if those users signed up with a different email address,” the release said “Because FreshAddress has been capturing consumer email addresses since 1999, their patented Email Change of Address database can connect a user’s current email address with the one they used to sign up for Facebook years ago.”
The company can also leverage its email appending service to connect brands to customers with only a postal address, the release said.
“We’re helping marketers build out their custom audience,” said Austin Bliss, president of FreshAddress. “Some marketers have gotten into this [custom audience Facebook marketing] but they’ve realized it’s hard to build out your custom audience because you need to identify them by email address. 
“Two problems: One you might not even have an email address for your customer. The second problem is you might have an email address for your customer that doesn’t match their Facebook email address,” he said. “Those are two problems that marketers have been having with Facebook custom audiences and we can help solve them.”
FreshAddress is charging on a per-match basis, Bliss said.
He said so far FreshAddress has been able to achieve between a 20 percent and 40 percent match rate for clients that have tried the service.
“We’re using our append database and our ECOA [email change of address] database, so we’re going really wide to make that connection that the marketer can’t,” he said. “The marketer may have only one email address or no email address for that customer whereas we can kind of throw the book at it so to speak.”
The end result is: “You’re marketing to your customers [online] without using email or any of its deliverability nonsense,” Bliss said. “You’re advertising through Facebook. You’re not using the email channel at all.
“We’re helping marketers reach the audience they’ve already modeled, rather than some Facebook prepackaged audience,” Bliss added.
FreshAddress has posted a video explaining the service. Click here to view it.

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