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FreshAddress Unveils Email Scoring Service


By Ken Magill

Email-database-services company FreshAddress last week unveiled a service it claims can measure the likelihood certain email addresses are used by a person likely to spend money.

Dubbed eSpend Score, the service assigns each email in a client’s database a score from zero to 100.

A score of 1 means the holder of that email address is least likely to engage positively with messages from the sender or spend money, according to FreeshAddress.

Likewise, score of 100 means the holder of that email address is most likely to engage positively with messages from the sender and spend money, according to FreshAddress.

A score of zero means the sender should probably avoid sending any messages to that address, according to FreshAddress.

And in between 1 and 100, FreshAddress offers tactical advice on how to approach various addresses.

“You’re going to message a 20 differently than a 75,” said Jennifer A. Smith, manager of marketing and communications for FreshAddress.

According to a PowerPoint presentation FreshAddress supplied the Magill Report, the company segments eSpend Score clients’ email lists into six profiles: 81 to 100 is premium; 61 to 80 is high; 41 to 60 is standard; 21 to 40 is low; 1 to 20 is poor and zero is warning.

For example, if an address scores high, or 61 to 80, FreshAddress recommends increasing revenue through add-ons and upsells, according to the PowerPoint.

If an address scores low, or 21 to 40, FreshAddress recommends the client nurture it by explaining their value proposition and making special offers, according to the PowerPoint.

To calculate an email address’s eSpend Score, FreshAddress claims it combines email metrics, such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes and spam complaints with offline data such as household income and net worth.

“There are two buckets of data. There’s email engagement data and there’s spending data,” said Michael Iarrobino, product manager for FreshAddress.  “For example, there’s use of the email in a transactional way. When folks are signing up on a Web form and they’re typing in that email address, that means that’s recent and that’s hot. On the spending side, an example would be household income.”

He added that FreshAddress is “partnering” for some of the data but did not say with whom.

The service starts at $50 per thousand addresses and drops according to volume, said Iarrobino.


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