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Happy New Year! My Negative Outlook for 2016

By Ken Magill
Happy New Year everyone! Here are my top predictions for 2016:
Warning: This is a highly negative post. But most of the negativity stems from the fact that so many permission-based email marketers are truly decent human beings who just want to do the right thing.
In any case, in 2016:
Canada’s anti-spam law will continue to be the most stupid-assed piece of email legislation in the history of the Internet.
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission will issue some five- and six-figure fines over alleged violations of CASL, but will offer no details of the violations so other companies can know anything beyond: “In Canada, your email program must be perfect or you may be fined.”
The people who have defended CASL will continue to defend it even though it has clearly been shown to be nothing more than a figurative wooden spoon used by the CRTC to spank slightly misbehaving companies while doing nothing to thwart actual criminal behavior.
Non-spamming email marketers will operate under the philosophy that consumers are drowning in commercial messages—even though they signed up for them—and that their campaigns are annoyances—even though recipients signed up for them.
Non-spamming email marketers will operate under the philosophy that they are annoying people because they are fundamentally decent people who want to go out of their way not to annoy people even if it means less revenue.
A slew of trade articles will be published offering advice based on the assertion that senders of permission-based email are annoying consumers when there is not a shred of evidence beyond self-reported nonsense—self-reported nonsense being redundant—to support the assertion.
Consumer press reporters and some members of the tech press will refer to permission-based commercial email as spam even though they have signed up for almost every commercial pitch that reaches their inboxes.
Consumer press reporters and some members of the tech press will claim people are drowning in spam and will offer no evidence beyond: “Like most people, I get a ton of unwanted email.”
Consumer press reporters and some members of the tech press will report that spam is a problem even though it hasn’t been a problem for anyone in years.
Email teams will remain too civil for their own good. They will fail to account for all the sales they drive for fear of stepping on other teams’ toes and their budgets will reflect it.
Related: Last-click attribution will remain dominant over fractional attribution. As a result, search teams will continue to take credit for sales email drives and email teams won’t get credit for even close to all the sales they drive.
I will continue to be opinionated, abrasive, have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and irritate people with my negativity.

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