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How to React to 'Leaked' Gmail Screenshots: Don't

By Ken Magill writer Russell Holly last week published what he claimed were screenshots of some new email interface designs Google is experimenting with for Gmail.
The article accompanying the screenshots was headlined: “Google is testing new web-based Gmail features.”
That headline might as well have said: “Ken Magill will smoke a one or more cigars and drink liquor within the next 24 hours.”
Of course Google is testing new web-based Gmail features. 
Holly didn’t say how he obtained the screenshots. Did he get them through official channels? Were they leaked? If so, by a high-level source? By a lowly worker bee?
If they’re real, congratulations to Holly on the scoop.
Some advice to Magill Report readers: Your time is valuable. I do my level best not to waste it.
To get a view of the Gmail may-or-may-not-be-real screenshots, click on this link.
Glance at them for a minute or two, make your own judgment and move on.
They’re not worth pondering for more than a minute or two until they become a reality.

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Posted by: Ryan Phelan
Date: 2014-05-13 16:39:43

These are not the screenshots you need to be worried about or are looking for....move along. Nice Ken!