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I Made a Stan Mack Cartoon! Well, Peripherally At Least

By Ken Magill
Okay, it’s official. I have an unhealthy obsession with Canada’s most dumbassed anti-spam law in the world.
How have I come to this conclusion? Well—bear with me here—famed cartoonist Stan Mack published a strip on my wife and the juxtaposition between our semi-survivalist rural lifestyle and her career in New York City.
My son and I are in the first frame seeing her off to work. And I am in the final frame sipping martinis with her on our back deck as we watch the sunset—which is what we do when its warm enough.
This time of year we sip martinis by the fire and watch whatever series we’re bingeing on.
In any case, Mack—whose documentary-style cartooning has appeared in the Village Voice and Adweek magazine—currently has a gig with Media Post.
As part of that gig, he was interviewing folks in the ad agency my wife works for and apparently took an interest in her story.
Here was a professional woman who lives on what many Manhattanites would consider a farm and yet, commutes into the city to work her job as an ad executive. 
For the record, I grew up working on a sprawling cattle, chicken and hog farm and I don’t consider our home a farm. I consider it a house with a really big garden and a bunch of chickens--maybe a gentleman's farm.
However, ours is a vastly different existence than most who work in Manhattan.
One of the things that apparently intrigued Mack was my wife’s habit of bringing our excess eggs into work and giving them to her colleagues.
The eggs our chickens lay are brown, blue and green—quite a treat for your average urbanite.
So what does all this have to do with my now officially unhealthy obsession with Canada’s most idiotic anti-spam law in all of human history?
Well, as I indicated earlier, the final panel of Mack’s cartoon on my wife depicts her and I having one of our usual evening discussions over martinis.
And what am I talking about? Why, Canada’s most idiotic anti-spam law in all of human history, that’s what.
Here’s a link. It seems as if my unhealthy relationship with alcohol has been replaced. Or at least it has some competition.

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Posted by: Ruth Stevens
Date: 2014-12-02 21:35:41
Subject: how cool is this!

Wow, Ken and Ludmilla, this is such a fun cartoon. Now, my questions are: 1. Can we possibly email Canadians any more and 2. How do I get in those lovely eggs?