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If You're Reading this, Chances are You're a Force for Good

By Ken Magill
A recent post on LinkedIn from an email marketing executive looking for a new gig got me thinking about the permission-based email industry and its impact on society.
Among other things, the post said: “I need the work I'm doing to positively contribute to the world is some way, shape, or form. I need to be doing work that is making a difference ... work that is advancing the world for the better.”
My immediate thought was: “Well, just get another job in permission-based email marketing, any job, and you’ll be positively contributing to the world.”
The point is this: If you’re working to help marketers send wanted email, you’re probably not going to get an award named after you or even receive an award named after someone else.
Very few beyond your immediate family and friends—and frankly, not many of them—are going to understand how you conduct your professional life, even after you try to explain it to them.
But you should take great pride in the fact that you are part of the most revolutionary marketing movement in the history of the world.
If you’re in a job in permission-based email in any way, you help people sell stuff. You create jobs. You help stabilize families.
My guess is you did not come out of college planning on going into email marketing. No one does. But now that you’re here, congratulations. You are a force for good.
There is an inherent feeling of guilt in this industry that is utterly undeserved. It probably stems from the fact that so many people misunderstand what permission-based email marketers do.
How many times have we all seen a reporter refer to all commercial email as spam? How often have we been at a cocktail party and hesitated to tell people what we do for fear of being called a spammer?
Those two sad facets of being in email marketing are not going to change. But they shouldn’t infect the industry’s thinking as much as they do.
Permission-based email marketing is inherently a force for good. People in the industry should take pride in their role in it whether others recognize it or not.

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