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LiveIntent Partners with Brilig


By Ken Magill

Email newsletter advertising platform LiveIntent announced last week it has formed a partnership with co-op marketing data firm Brilig.

According to the two companies, the partnership will make Brilig’s more than 10,000 segments available to advertisers on the LiveIntent network.

LiveIntent serves Internet-Advertising-Bureau-standard-sized ads into more than 1,000 email newsletters on behalf of their publishers.

The company also has higher-end inventory available, such as so-called skins.

“We’re bringing the digital display eco-system into email,” said Audrey Henderson, director of operations & integrations for LiveIntent. The firm is serving 5 million ad impressions per day, according to Henderson.

The cost per thousand impressions varies, she said, and LiveIntent’s customers only pay for ads that have been displayed.

LiveIntent’s publishers include the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Business Insider, AARP, CBS Interactive, The Daily Beast the New York Daily News, The Weather Channel, Maxim and the Denver Post, among others.

Henderson said LiveIntent’s publisher base is growing at about 20 percent per month.

Brilig reportedly aggregates data from more 60 third party data sources including Admeld, Alliant Data,, ClearSight Interactive, CPX Interactive, Krux Digital, Legolas Media, Lena Grove Media, Lotame, Marigold Technologies, Medicx Media, Take 5 Solutions, TidalTV, Traffic Marketplace, and V12 Group.

Through the Brilig partnership, LiveIntent’s advertisers will be able to access its segments to serve more targeted advertising.

“This new partnership grants clients of LiveIntent access to audience segments they otherwise would not have been able to reach, resulting in higher ROI on their campaigns,” the companies said in a statement.

For example, a Chicago-based home renovation form recently was able to serve ads to only Chicago area home owners, Henderson said.

“They believe renters aren’t really going to be a target for them,” she said.


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