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Magill FFL 2012 is Set!


By Ken Magill

After receiving more requests than could be accommodated, the roster for The Magill Report Fantasy Football League 2012/2013 season is set.

It includes a mix of teams from last year and some newbies.

If your company is on this list, you’ve got a team. If not, thank you for the request. Teams were awarded to companies from last year who made their request before noon today. Newcomers were then given teams on a first-come/first-serve basis.

So without further adieu, here is the lineup:

Return Path, MarketFish, eWay Direct, LivingSocial, PL Marketing, e-Dialog, Responsys, Omeda Omail, TowerData, FreshAddress, Victor Printing, Net Atlantic, Movable Ink and Message Systems.

Representatives from these companies will soon get an email welcoming them to the league.

Some things to note: Team names are important. Fun names make coverage more entertaining. By all means, be creative.

Message to supervisors of team managers: A lot of how a team’s fantasy season goes is a result of pure luck.

In my 10-plus years of playing fantasy football in various leagues in which I’ve won five championships, I’ve determined that what is necessary to take it all in any given year is a good draft—luck—picking up two stellar players off free agency—foresight with a little luck—and how opposing teams do in the week you play them—luck.

So if your company has a bad fantasy football season, don’t give the manager any crap. They’re frustrated enough already.

Points of interest: Last year’s champion, Pontiflex, did not respond to last week’s call for teams so they’re not in it this year.

However, the man who ran Pontiflex’s championship team, Jordan Cohen, did put in a request. As a result, he will be fielding a team on behalf of his new employer, Movable Ink.

So for anyone who wants to take out last year’s champ, Movable Ink is your target.

Also, the man who ran Pontiflex’s first-year team, Jarett Lewis, also put in a request. He will be fielding a team on behalf of eWay Direct. So we’ve got a post-Pontiflex duo in this year’s league.

If we’re lucky, Cohen and Lewis will end up in the same division. Better yet: They end up in the same division and can already taste blood. Fingers crossed.

Other teams to watch: NetAtlantic is out to improve last year’s second-place finish the only way it can—by finishing first.

Return Path’s team manager, Larry Karipides, is out to avenge two heartbreaking seasons—the first in which he was a juggernaut throughout the regular season only to get knocked out of the playoffs in a fraction-of-a-point shocker, and last year’s in which he had a rough start and then came on strong but fell just short of post-season play.

Message Systems’ Barry Abel is also a man on a mission. He drew Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in the first round of the draft last year only to see Manning go out for the season on a neck injury.

It was a blow from which Abel was unable—Get it? Abel? Unable? I’m so funny—to recover.

In any case, thanks for all the requests and good luck everybody!


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Posted by: Chet Dalzell
Date: 2012-08-15 12:28:51
Subject: FFL

Love this coverage, and was darn near getting a team fielded, but just couldn't close the deal! Such is the life of an armchair sports agent! Go Jordan!