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Magill FFL: 5 Teams Viable; 2 Barely

By Ken Magill
With one regular season game left, five teams are vying for three remaining playoff spots. Though it looks like the planets will have to align just right for two of them.
The five viable teams in descending order are Fluent, FreshAddress, Yesmail, Return Path and PL Marketing.
Fluent, FreshAddress and Yemail have records of 7-5. Unless I’m mistaken, all any of those three teams has to do to assure themselves a playoff spot is win next week. If any or all of them lose, the door opens slightly to Return Path and PL Marketing, both with records of 6-6.
However, both Return Path and PL Marketing both currently have lower season point totals than the three 7-5 teams. Season point totals are the league’s first playoff tiebreaker. So if any of the 7-5 teams lose, to make the playoffs, either Return Path and/or PL Marketing must win and put up enough points to overtake the 7-5 loser’s season total.
In any case, the formerly sixth-place FreshAddress @men—managed by a guy who in Opposite World has participated in live drafts conducted by me and won a championship or two, but this being Opposite World didn’t get a beautiful engraved crystal trophy and a regulation-sized Lebanon bologna football, but a stick with a smiley face painted on it and a decomposed rabbit—moved themselves up one place by beating fourth-place Fluent in Kicking @ss 105.24 to 103.12.
The win put FreshAddress in fifth place. Fluent remains in fourth.
Team Yesmail—though still a likely playoff team—lost its second game in a row, this one to the Net Atlantic Storm 159.52 to 192.62.
Net Atlantic—which now has an impressive record of 9-3—put up the highest point total this week.
Yesmail—which is now in sixth place with a record of 7-5—closes out the season next week in a tough matchup against league-leading Omeda.
Return Path’s RP SPAM ASSASSINS kept its playoff hopes on life support by beating eDataSource’s End-zone Espionage—run by a guy from Canada, the country with the an anti-spam law so dumbassed it’s written in two languages—125.24 to 119.26.
Return Path’s record is 6-6. If one of the 7-5 teams loses and Return Path wins and scores enough to have one of the top six season point totals, Return Path is in.
Return Path currently has a season point total of 1,579.3. Sixth-place Yesmail has a season point total of 1,640.42. So if I understand how this system works, in order for Return Path to make the playoffs, Yesmail must lose and Return Path must win and score enough to overcome a 61.12-point season-total deficit.
PL Marketing faces a similar hurdle. PL Marketing beat Epsilon this week 150.76 to 145.92. PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake United’s record is 6-6 with a season point total of 1,565.36.
Epsilon’s record is 3-9.
Meanwhile, Omeda’s Oh My Omeda continued its 2014 romp through the league by beating the TowerData Validators 166.56 to 125.5.
TowerData’s record is 2-10. Omeda’s is 11-1.
Second-place Responsys’s I Have No Responsys won its third game in a row, beating Living Social’s LivingSocialites 129.28 to 108.3.
Responsys’s record is 9-3. Living Social’s is 4-8.
And from the “manager-wishes-his-team-played-like-this-all-year” file comes Message Systems MS Destroyers putting up the league’s second highest point total, beating Demandware 186.5 to 109.2.
The win put Message Systems’ record at 5-7. Demandware’s is 4-8.

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