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Magill FFL: Division Leaders End Season with Big 'L's on Foreheads

By Ken Magill

In a development that shows just how fickle the fantasy football gods can be—and what a cruel sense of humor they have—all four teams bound for the Magill Report Fantasy Football 2010 playoffs lost this week, three by double-digit margins.

After pretty much romping through the league for most of the year, The Return Path Rage limped out of the season with a 60.76-to-72.78 loss to Message Systems’ MS Destroyers.

Return path was victimized by surprisingly poor performances at literally every position except quarter back.

The loss snapped an eight-game winning streak, but Return Path still leads the league with a record of 12-2.

Return Path next week will play The Harte-Hanks Heroes, which lost to StrongMail’s Orange Crush 104.54 to 120.20.

Meanwhile, Division-2 leader e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs lost to the Spamtacular Bastards 82.44 to 101.44.

e-Dialog next week will play The TowerData Techies, who lost this week to PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior 100.04 to 121.42.

In another cruel twist, Permission Data ended its season this week with the league’s highest score by beating The Yesmail Raiders 131.98 to 53.5.

The Pontiflex DUMBOS also ended the season with a solid win, beating The ArcaMax Blasters 116.46 to 95.74.

In any case, all four teams bound for the playoffs showed throughout the season they are capable of winning and then ended it by showing they are very capable of losing.

As a result, the Magill Report Fantasy Football League 2010 championship trophy and football-shaped sausage from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA [yum!] is anyone’s to win.

Good luck, everyone!

Note to those who supervise Magill FFL league managers whose teams failed to make the playoffs: This week showed just how unpredictable fantasy football can be. Unpredictability is what makes fantasy football so agonizing and fun at the same time. So leave your managers alone. Or ridicule their sorry asses in front of all their co-workers in the conference room. Your call.


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