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Magill FFL: Division Leaders Solidify Grip


By Ken Magill

Midway through the season, three teams are in sole possession of first place in their respective divisions.

Epsilon’s Harmony Army solidified its hold on first place in Division 1 by opening a 196.68-to-99.48 can of whup ass on Return Path’s Spammer Slammers in a battle between Division-1 leaders.

At 6-1, Epsilon has the best record in the league. The Harmony Army also has the second highest point total in the league, averaging 150.68 points per game.

Ironically, the team with the highest point total overall is Return Path, averaging 161.6 points per game. Too bad for Return Path they couldn’t have saved some of those points for this week.

The loss put Return Path’s record at 4-3, in second place and two games behind Epsilon in Division 1.

Speaking of cans of whup ass, Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda opened one on Dylan Murphy’s Moodachay 139.66 to 77.5.

At the same time, Responsys’s Povokes a Responsys beat Omeda’s Division 2 rival eBay Enterprise 153.24 to 122.52.

Omeda’s win put its record at 5-2 and left it in sole possession of first place in Division 2. eBay’s loss dropped its record to 4-3, one game behind Omeda.

And in Division 3, Message Systems’ MS Destroyers squeaked by Living Social’s Illegal Use of Hands 116.52 to 114.9. With a record of 5-2, Message Systems leads Division 3.

The NetAtlantic Storm helped Message Systems take first place in its Division 3 by beating PL Marketing’s PL Promo 125.8 to 113.4, pushing PL Promo down into second place.

NetAtlantic is in fourth place in Division 2 with a record of 3-4, yet still just two games out of first.

Illegal Use of Hands is in last place in Division 2 with a record of 2-5.

Meanwhile, in a rematch of last year’s championship game, Movable Ink’s Inkredibles beat the eWayDirect Avengers 121.1 to 120.42. Movable Ink’s Record is 2-5. eWayDirect’s record is 1-6. They are in last place in Divisions 1 and 3, respectively.

eWayDirect beat Movable Ink in last year’s championship game to win the coveted Magill Report Fantasy Football League crystal trophy and regulation-sized, sweet Lebanon bologna football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Mmmm. Mmm.

Movable Ink didn’t get a meat football for this win, but it probably feels pretty sweet anyway.

In a battle of the league’s two data-services providers, the TowerData Validators beat FreshAddress’s @men 139.5 to 77.72. FreshAddress’s record is 2-5. TowerData’s is 4-3.

Midway through the season, no team is more than four games out of first place in its division. There is still time for struggling teams to turn it around. But we are starting to hear a pronounced ticking sound.


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