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Magill FFL: Epsilon Says 'Bam!'


By Ken Magill
Epsilon's Harmony Army sure made a statement this week.
They beat Movable Ink's Inkredibles 206.72 to 86.6. It didn't hurt that Epsilon has Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson. The two combined for 817 yards and a touchdown for 107.62 fantasy points.
Having a quarterback and a receiver or running back from the same team can be a formula for failure. It means being highly dependent on one team's fortunes.
However, Epsilon is on a four-game winning streak, leads Division 1 and has the best record in the league at 7-1.
Movable Ink's record is 2-6.
Responsys's Provokes a Responsys improved its record to .500 this week by winning its second game in a row. They beat Message Systems' MS Destroyers 131.66 to 83.54.
At 4-4, Responsys is three games out of first place in a strong Division 1 behind Epsilon.
Message Systems' record dropped to 5-3, leaving them in a tie for first place in Division 3 with PL Marketing's PL Promo.
PL Promo earned itself a share of the top spot in Division 3 by beating Living Social's Illegal Use of Hands 127.18 to 109.76.
Living Social is at the bottom of Division 2 with a record of 2-6.
The TowerData Validators climbed back into contention by winning their third game in a row this week. They beat the eWayDirect Avengers 134.16 to 111.04.
With a record of 5-3, TowerData now shares to top spot in Division 2 with Omeda's Oh My! Omeda.
Omeda lost to Return Path's Spammer Slammers 139.94 to 176.44.
Return Path is two games behind Division-1 leader Epsilon with a record of 5-3.
Also two games behind Epsilon is email consultant Dylan Murphy's Moodachay. Murphy beat eBay Enterprise 181.8 to 115.88.
eBay Enterprise is one game out of first in Division 2 with a record of 4-4.
Also sitting at 4-4 in Division 2 is the NetAtlantic Storm. The Storm beat FreshAddress's @men 151 to 125.14. With two teams at 5-3 and two teams at 4-4, Division 2 is the most up-for-grabs division in the league.
FreshAddress's record is 2-6.

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