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Magill FFL: Epsilon Sole Undefeated; Last Year's Champs Winless


By Ken Magill

What a difference a year can make.

At three weeks into the 2013 season, the two teams who played in last year’s championship have yet to win a game. And to add insult to injury, they are the league’s only winless teams.

Last year’s champion, the eWayDirect Avengers lost to Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda 97.04 to 140.72.

Oh My! Omeda got the benefit of 44.42 points from Carolina quarterback Cam Newton and 26.30 from Dallas running back DeMarco Murray.

Last year’s second-place team, Movable Ink’s The Inkredibles lost to Responsys’s Provokes a Responsys 78.26 to 114.06.

As a result, Responsys got its first win despite being saddled with two Buffalo Bills: running back C.J. Spiller and wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

Besides having to contend with Bills on their team, Responsys is dealing with one of the more frustrating aspects of fantasy football. They have New England’s star tight end Rob Gronkowski, who’s been out with back and forearm injuries.

Gronkowski is a high-scoring player who has been taking up space on Responsys’s bench.

Meanwhile, Epsilon’s Harmony Army is singing a happy tune. They’re the league’s last-standing undefeated team.

Epsilon beat the TowerData Validators 118.9 to 71.36.

Of course, it didn’t help that TowerData left its defensive slot empty. TowerData also had the misfortune of having Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who had a disastrous outing against the Carolina Panthers this week.

Interestingly, Epsilon is being co-managed by Matt Hart who managed the league’s first-year championship team for e-Dialog.

TowerData’s record is 2-1.

This week’s highest scoring team was email consultant Dylan Murphy’s Moodachay, who beat Living Social’s Illegal Use of Hands 185.08 to 80.4.

Moodachay’s 104.68 margin of victory is this year’s highest so far. Baltimore’s defense—who opened up a can of whup-ass on Houston this week—accounted for 45 of those points.

Message Systems’ MS Destroyers lost their first game of the year to PL Marketing’s PLPROMO 108.36 to 152.08.

PLPROMO got the benefit of the highest single-player point total from New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, who scored 48.78.

Message Systems’ and PL Marketing’s records are 2-1.

NetAtlantic Storm is certainly starting out better this year than last.

They beat perennial powerhouse Return Path’s RP Anti-Spammers 154.64 to 137.5. The Storm put up this week’s second-highest point total. Last season, NetAtlantic couldn’t catch a break if you gave them a net. Get it? Net?

Both teams are 2-1.

Lastly, eBay Enterprise got their first win of the season, beating FreshAddress’s @men 143.04 to 91.44.

eBay Enterprise got 36.00 points from the Cincinnati Bengals Defense and 29.74 from Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. They got the win despite starting San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis who scored zero.

Both teams are 1-2.

Note to the league: We’re just three weeks in. As we saw last year, no one’s a lock even when the season is wrapping up. Note to Responsys: Work that waiver wire, baby.


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