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Magill FFL: League Shaking Out

By Ken Magill
Having just crossed the halfway mark of the season, Magill Report Fantasy Football 2014 leaders are starting to emerge.
Omeda’s Oh My Omeda extended its winning streak to four in a row, beating Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 166.1 to 84.2. 
Once again, Omeda didn’t just win, it opened a can of whupass and pile drove its opponent into the ground.
Omeda is the league’s No. 1 team with a record of 6-1.
Message Systems’ record is 2-5.
Meanwhile, the league’s No. 2 team, the Net Atlantic Storm, extended its winning streak to four in a row, as well. The Storm decisively beat Living Social’s LivingSocialites 153.94 to 66.34.
Net Atlantic’s record is 5-2. Living Social’s is 2-5.
Responsys’s I Have No Responsys won its fifth in a row this week, beating PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake United 151.42 to 101.24.
Responsys’s record is 5-2. PL Marketing’s is 4-3.
Team Yesmail bounced back from a loss last week to beat the FreshAddress @men—a team managed by a guy who will probably be pissed at me next year, as well, for refusing to run a live draft—138 to 124.72.
If it makes you feel any better, FreshAddress guy, the league I play in also does an autodraft. I got handed a really crappy team this year and am having my worst season ever with a record of 1-6 so far. Maybe it’s karma.
Yesmail’s record is 5-2. FreshAddress’s is 4-3.
Return Path’s RP SPAM ASSASSINS extended its winning streak to four in a row, beating last year’s champion, Epsilon’s Harmony Army 165.32 to 113.02.
Return Path’s record is 5-2. Epsilon’s is 1-6. What a difference a year makes.
Fluent’s Fluent in Kicking @ss got its groove back after a three-game losing streak, beating the TowerData Validators 154.56 to 86.06.
Fluent’s record is 4-3. TowerData’s is 1-6.
eDataSource’s End-zone Espionage—a team managed by a guy from Canada, the country with the most dumbassed anti-spam law in the world—got its third win of the season this week, beating demandware 103.86 to 99.4.
eDataSource benefited from a breakout performance by Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins who had 122 passing yards and caught two touchdown passes in a sloppy win against Minnesota.
But then in my hometown of Buffalo, sloppy win is redundant.
Demandware’s record is 2-5.
With five games left in regular season play, the season is far from over, but things are starting to look bleak for some folks who have dominated this league in the past. It may be spoiler time soon.

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