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Magill FFL: Manning Ends Responsys’s Season

By Ken Magill
Of all the players to wreck a playoff run, who’d have thought it would be Denver quarterback Peyton Manning?
After throwing touchdown passes in 51 consecutive games—three games short of Drew Brees’ record—Manning failed to throw one against Buffalo this week.
As a result, Manning scored a measly 10.72 fantasy points, contributing to Responsys’s 125.52-to-179.28 upset loss to Team Yesmail.
Responsys’s season is over. Yesmail moves on to play The Net Atlantic Storm in the semifinals.
According to Yahoo! projections, Net Atlantic is a heavy favorite.
Meanwhile, Fluent’s Fluent in Kicking @ss knocked the FreshAddress @men—managed by a guy who will be pissed at me next year when I, once again, refuse to run a live draft—out of the playoffs, beating them 216.06 to 147.7.
Fluent was propelled to the win by outstanding performances by Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck, Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Green Bay wide receiver Jordy Nelson and Pittsburgh running back Le’Veon Bell.
Those four players combined for 183.36 fantasy points.
Fluent gets to see if the four can repeat their performances when it takes on league-leader Omeda’s Oh My Omeda in the semifinals.
According to Yahoo! projections, that game is a tossup.
Then there’s the consolation bracket. I have no idea why Yahoo! has it. I know when I don’t make the playoffs, I’m not overly consoled by playing another team that didn’t make the playoffs in a meaningless game.
In any case, Demandware beat eDataSource and Living Social beat PL Marketing in this week’s consolation round. Message Systems and Return Path had byes—none of which means much of anything. Maybe there’s a moral victory in there somewhere. I don’t know.
There are now two teams in this year’s playoffs that I will personally deliver the spoils to if they win the championship: Net Atlantic and Fluent.
The winner of the Magill Report Fantasy Football League championship gets a beautiful 13-inch, engraved crystal trophy from Crown Awards and a regulation-sized Lebanon bologna football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Mmmm. Mmm.
In order for me to deliver the goods personally, the winner must live in reasonable driving or train distance from Magill Report World Headquarters in Central Valley, NY. I’ve determined “reasonable” to be anywhere close to the east coast of the United States north of Virginia.
Fluent is in New York City. Net Atlantic is in Salem, Mass. 
If either Omeda or Yesmail wins the championship, they will receive the goods by mail.
Good luck, playoff teams!

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