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Magill FFL: Omeda Clinches First Playoff Spot

By Ken Magill
Omeda’s Oh My Omeda won its seventh game in a row this week, clinching the first playoff berth in the Magill Report Fantasy Football League’s 2014 season.
Omeda is literally romping through the league this year, kicking the crap out of everyone they play.
This week’s victim was eData Source’s End-zone Espionage—managed by a guy from Canada, the country with the most dumbassed anti-spam law in the universe—who lost to Omeda in the biggest ass whipping of the week 80.2 to 202.1.
Omeda put up the highest score of the week with help from Green bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers who threw for 315 yards and six touchdowns, and scored 72.6 fantasy points.
Omeda’s record is now 9-1. eData Source’s is 4-6.
Meanwhile, the FreshAddress@men—managed by a guy who would most certainly conduct a live draft if he ran this league—got back in the win column by beating PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake United 190.64 to 153.34.
FreshAddress put up the second highest score this week with solid performances from Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant and Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch.
Responsys’s I Have No Responsys also got back in the win column this week by beating last year’s champion Epsilon Harmony Army 173.4 to 127.58.
Responsys’s record is 7-3. Epsilon’s is 2-8.
And from the “shaking-my-head” file comes TowerData beating Living Social’s Living Socialites 91.14 to 42.54.
TowerData won despite leaving three slots open. Living Social fielded a full roster despite having five players on bye.
Note to TowerData: Did the guy who managed your team leave the company and take his log-in credentials with him? Let me know, please:
Living Social’s record is 3-7. TowerData’s is 2-8.
Team Yesmail beat Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 135.74 to 115.68.
Yesmail’s record is 7-3. Message Systems’ record is 4-6.
The Net Atlantic Storm beat Return Path’s RP SPAM ASSASSINS 160.66 to 113.9.
Net Atlantic’s record is 7-3. Return Path’s is 5-5.
Demandware got its fourth win of the season this week, beating Fluent’s Fluent in Kicking @ss 187.52 to 157.98.
Demandware’s record is 4-8. Fluent’s is 6-4.
With three weeks left in the regular season and five of six playoff slots still available, this league is still mostly up for grabs. If the playoffs were to start today, for example, FreshAddress would be in with a record of 5-5.
Without having done any definitive analysis, at a glance it looks to me like all but two teams have a statistical chance of making post-season play. And as we have seen in previous years, once the playoffs begin anything can happen.

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