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Magill FFL: PL Promo Says 'Bam! Take That!'


By Ken Magill

Talk about coming from behind and pouring on the pain.

The eWayDirect Avengers went into Monday night’s game up 139.64 to 106.6 over PL Marketing’s PL Promo. However, PL Promo had New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and running back Darren Sproles.

eWayDirect had Miami wide receiver Brian Hartline.

Hartline scored 3.4 fantasy points, giving eWayDirect a total of 143.04.

Brees and Sproles, however, scored a whopping combined 102.92 giving PL Promo a score of 209.52, a record high for the year.

The contest also left last year’s champion, eWayDirect, winless.


PL Promo record is 3-1, putting it in a tie for the Division 3 lead with Message Systems’ MS Destroyers.

And speaking of a top team from last year that is still winless: Movable Ink went into Monday night needing 63.55 points combined from Miami quarterback Matt Moore and New Orleans receiver Lance Moore to overcome FreshAddress’s @men.

The Moores’ combined total: Zero. Maybe whoever is managing Movable Ink’s team is magically drawn to the name “Moore,” but Matt Moore is not Miami’s starting quarterback. Ryan Tannehill is, though he was picked off three times last night.

Movable Ink lost to the @men 107.7 to 171.24.

FreshAddress’s record is 2-2.

And while two of last year’s top teams continue to struggle, a 2012 bottom dweller has moved in to take their place—so far, anyway.

Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda went into Monday night having already won the game 143.52 to 109.38 against Living Social’s Illegal Use of hands, but poured on a little extra pain with eight points from New Orleans kicker Garrett Hartley.

Omeda beat Living Social 151.52 to 109.38 and leads division 2 with a record of 3-1.

The TowerData Validators and Message Systems MS Destroyers went into Monday night with TowerData leading 138.58 to 124.4.

However, that game was far from over. TowerData still had one player to go: New Orleans wide receiver Marques Colston. Message Systems had two players yet to go: Miami wide receiver Mike Wallace and New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham.

Graham made the difference in that game, scoring 36 points to help Message Systems beat TowerData 162.8 to 148.18.

Message Systems’ record is 3-1. TowerData’s is 2-2.

Meanwhile, email consultant Dylan Murphy’s Moodachay and Return Path’s RP Anti-Spammers went into Monday night with Return Path already destroying Moodachay 164.46 to 103.82.

Return Path finished the game, beating Moodachay 174.66 to 103.82.

Murphy had two players on bye and failed to start someone in their places. However, Murphy’s bench only scored 29.14 points, so filling the open bye slots with what he has on his bench would have done him no good.

Return Path’s win left it in a tie for the lead of Division 1 with Epsilon’s Harmony Army, both with three wins and one loss.

NetAtlantic Storm went into Monday night needing 75.57 points from Miami running back Lamar Miller to beat eBay Enterprise.

Unsurprisingly Miller didn’t even come close. He scored 12.8.

NetAtlantic lost to eBay Enterprise 92.82 to 155.58.

NetAtlantic’s record is 2-2, as is eBay Enterprise’s.

And lastly, Responsys’s Provokes a Responsys may have found a way to lift the curse of having Buffalo Bills on their roster. His name is Peyton Manning.

The Denver Broncos quarterback scored 49.08 points, helping Responsys hand Epsilon’s Harmony Army its first loss: 126.48 to 110.38.

Responsys’s record is 2-2.


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