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Magill FFL: Phew! TowerData Takes the Wife Down


By Ken Magill

The TowerData Validators held on to first place in Division 1 this week by beating the wife’s Rivet This! and putting her in her rightful spot at the bottom of Division 1 with a record of 4-4.

TowerData beat Rivet This! 131.7 to 100, [yay!] leaving TowerData with a record of 6-2.

Maybe there will be no head shaving in the Magill household after all.

Meanwhile, two high-scoring teams that simply have not gotten the breaks this year—Zrinity’s Email Lightning and FreshAddress’s The @men—went head to head. Email Lightning beat The @men 148.98 to 134.16.

Email Lightning’s record is 2-6. The @men’s is 4-4. Neither record reflects their performance. Just as they did this week, both have put up respectable numbers all year. But both have tended to catch their opponents on their best days.

Email Lightning has scored a total of 985.96 points this year, more than nine other teams. However, Email Lightning’s opponents have scored 1077.52 points against it, the second highest points-against total in the league.

The @men have scored 1054.94 points this year, the second highest points-for total in the league. Yet, The @men’s opponents have put up a whopping 1095.32 points, the highest points-against total so far.

Also, both the @men and Email Lightning have scored more points so far this season than the leaders of Divisions 2 and 3. They have apparently done something to make the fantasy-football gods angry. Repent!

In any case, Division 2 tightened up this week with division leader Pontiflex DUMBOs losing to Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 97.82 to 120.94, leaving Pontiflex’s record at 5-3.

Division 2 team Mickey Chandler’s Spamtacular Bastards beat Spam Primavera—run by Adam Mihalik, a marketing analyst for a really big insurance firm I’m not allowed to name—146.04 to 129.66.

The Spamtacular Bastards’ win put their record at 4-4. The team is now in a three-way tie for second place in Division 2 with e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs and Harte-Hanks Heroes. All three are one game out of first place in Division 2 behind Pontiflex.

Spam Primavera’s loss knocked it into second place in Division 1, tied with Message Systems. Both one game out of first in Division 1 with records of 5-3.

The NetAtlantic TidalWave solidified its position on top of Division 3 by beating e-Dialog 135.72 to 99.26.

NetAtlantic’s record is 6-2. The nearest competitor in Division 3 to NetAtlantic is Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda, which lost a heartbreaker this week to Harte-Hanks Heroes by less than a point.

Harte-Hanks beat Omeda 110.9 to 110.16, leaving Omeda’s record at 3-5.

PL Marketing’s Orchard lake Pirates scored its second win of the season this year, beating Return Path’s RP Goliaths 111.48 to 80.06.

Return Path’s record is 2-6.


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Posted by: The Wife
Date: 2011-11-01 14:49:11
Subject: Stretching it a bit?

Yeah - bottom of the division is one way to put it. Two games away from first place could be another way to put it. One game away from second place could be another way to put it. # 9 in the league, tied with five teams with the same record, with 6 games to go means I'm still in the running could be another way to put it.