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Magill FFL: Playoffs Set! League's Losers Refuse to Quit

By Ken Magill
Before we get into this year’s playoff picture, I want to extend a personal “thank you” to all of the team managers who had no playoff hopes and yet still fielded the best teams they could and roughed up the league’s leaders.
This week’s four top scorers were teams who had no chance at post-season play, indicating no one threw in the towel. What is more, those with no playoff hopes had a serious effect on this year’s playoff seeding. 
For example, Message Systems’ SparkPost Destroyers posted the highest score this week, beating Oracle Buys Us All 224.34 to 151.68.
By beating Oracle, Message Systems spoiled Oracle’s shot at a first-round playoff bye. Oracle meets Omeda’s oh My Omeda! in the first round.
Message Systems finished the season with a record of 6-7. Oracle finished with a record of 9-4.
In another example of a team with no hope affecting the playoffs by refusing to give up, Fluent’s Fluent in Kicking @$$ put up the second-highest point total this week and ended PL Marketing’s playoff hopes by beating them 205.66 to 130.36.
Fluent finished with a record of 5-8. PL Marketing finished at 7-6.
Neither is in the playoffs.
And in yet another example of a team out of playoff contention roughing up a league leader, the TowerData Validators scored third highest this week, beating Adestra’s HMS Victory 181.68 to 165.78.
Adestra finished with a record of 8-5 and faces FreshAddress in the first round.
Fittingly, FreshAddress is based in Massachusetts, its mascot is the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady and Adestra is based in England.
Adestra: Your chance to avenge that nasty little Massachusetts colonial rebellion is now. Though to be honest, if you just would have given us our rights as Englishmen we would have stood down and might still be a colony. So there is that.
Also, Adestra, if you lose, just don’t go burning down Washington and attempting to do the same to New Orleans. We’re pals now, remember? And if you win, no hooliganism, okay?
Meanwhile, in a game with no playoff implications, the Net Atlantic Storm put up the week’s third-highest score, beating Epsilon 173.26 to 121.78. Net Atlantic Storm was last year’s champion. Epsilon won it all the year before. Neither team is in the playoffs this year
League leader WhatCounts solidified its top spot, beating Yesmail 155.2 to 128.08.
WhatCounts’ win resulted in a record of 9-4, first place in the league and a first-round playoff bye. And despite having the league’s worst record, Yesmail’s Matt Caldwell made a waiver-wire trade this week, meaning he also refused to throw in the towel. I salute you, Matt.
eDataSource’s Off Our mEDS also has a record of 9-4 and a first-round bye, despite losing this week to FreshAddress 156.14 to 163.4.
Omeda backed into the playoffs by losing to the Doba Drop Shippers—who let a drop shipper in this league?—95.18 to 148.12.
Omeda meets 9-4 Oracle in the first round, meaning they had better kick it up a notch if they want to survive the week.
As we head into the playoffs, remember what’s at stake: a beautiful crystal trophy from Crown Awards and a regulation-sized sweet Lebanon bologna football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Mmmm. Mmm.
Good luck, everybody!

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