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Magill FFL Playoffs Set: Marketfish Out; FreshAddress In


By Ken Magill

So what the heck is the use of having divisions if they don’t mean anything? That would be the question of the week.

And that’s certainly the question the folks at Marketfish are asking today. Despite having won their division, they didn’t make the playoffs.

No one from Division 3 made the playoffs.

Not that the folks at FreshAddress are complaining, mind you. FreshAddress’s @men took the sixth and final playoff spot by beating PL Marketing’s Lakeland Hawks 117.34 to 75.2.

Though FreshAddress’s record—7-6—is identical to Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda, Responsys’s Always in the Inbox and the Marketfish Sharks, The @men apparently won the four-way tiebreaker by having scored more points overall this season than the other three teams.

As a result, FreshAddress faces Movable Ink’s Inkredibles in the quarter finals.

Movable Ink lost to Omeda this week 81 to 99.22.

Omeda ends their season on a bittersweet three-game win streak—a strong finish that just wasn’t enough.

eWay Direct’s Avengers also finished the season on a three-game win streak and has been rewarded with the fifth playoff spot. The Avengers posted the league’s highest score this week, beating e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs 142.38 to 140.62.

e-Dialog also falls into the bittersweet category this week, having posted the second-highest score, but failing to make the playoffs on a record of 6-7.

eWay Direct faces PL Marketing in the quarter finals.

Meanwhile, the award for strongest finisher of the year goes to the TowerData Validators who won their sixth game in a row by beating Marketfish 122.44 to 86.52. Maybe the folks at Marketfish can take heart in the fact that they lost to the league’s No. 1 seeded team.

Then again, maybe not.

TowerData moved from sixth place to take the top spot since the beginning of their win streak in week 8. They have not lost since Week 7.

TowerData has a first-round bye.

The Return Path GOLIATHS also have a first-round bye, having beaten Living Social’s Illegal Use of Hands 130.92 to 85.08.

Return Path—having finished the season on a four-game win streak—is seeded at No. 2 with a record of 9-4. Illegal Use of Hands finished the season at 5-8.

The couldn’t-catch-a-break-if-their-lives-depended-on-it NetAtlantic TidalWave won their fourth game of the season by posting a respectable score of 123.62 and beating Message Systems MS Destroyers who scored 68.3.

Responsys’s Always in the Inbox beat Victor Printing’s (who the hell let a printer in this league?) Browns 101.58 to 86.02.

Responsys finished the season with a record of 7-6. The Browns finished at 2-11.

Six teams are now vying for the championship. The winner will receive a crystal trophy from Crown Awards and a regulation-sized Lebanon bologna sausage football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Yum.

[Editor’s note: I wasn’t aware of this meaningless division business until last week. I don’t know if I can change it next year. And if I can, I don’t know that I will. On one hand, I think divisions should mean something. Otherwise, why have them? On the other hand, a case can certainly be made for having the teams with the best records in the playoffs, regardless of division. If anyone’s got an opinion I’d be glad to hear it:]


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Posted by: Chris Raybon
Date: 2012-12-05 17:22:48
Subject: Divisions Don't Matter

Marketfish played every team once, as did FreshAddress, and every other team. Therefore, the divisions correctly didn't matter, and the better team got in. I'd do away with them next year to avoid confusion (and heartbreak).
Posted by: Chris Marriott
Date: 2012-12-04 16:10:11
Subject: A sham!

If you play more games against the other teams in your division than you do against the rest of the league, then you should definitely make the playoffs if you win your division. If I were the GM of Marketfish, I'd be going crazy! BTW, my LumaKings are playoff bound in the MFL....