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Magill FFL: Shocker! Adestra's Brits Pull it Off!

By Ken Magill
Well, lookee here. The Magill Report Fantasy Football League’s British invaders came, saw and conquered.
Adestra’s aptly named HMS Victory has won the Magill Report Fantasy Football League championship, beating eDataSource’s Off Our mEDS in a 220.78-to-135.9 upset.
Adestra was projected to lose by a wide margin.
As a result, the Magill Report trophy goes to England this year and it’ll be up to the 13 other American teams next year to try and bring it home.
Skip O’Neill, vice president, global partner network for Adestra, sent me an email after the win with some lighthearted gloating:
“In 1851 the British invited the Americans to participate in a yacht (sailing) race,” wrote O’Neill. “The upstart Americans went to England and beat the British at their own sport and took home what was to be known as the Americas Cup.
“Fast forward 149 years and the Americans invited the British to participate in the Magill Report Fantasy Football League. The British know a thing or two about football (real football) and accepted the challenge and 14 weeks later Adestra HMS Victory claimed the crystal trophy and will be taking it across the pond as a reminder that real footballers are English. If the Americans want their ‘cup’ back, they should have to play EPL fantasy football next season to try and reclaim the coveted ‘Magill Cup’ (soon to be known as the English Cup).”
Gauntlet. Dropped.
As always, the champions get a beautiful crystal trophy from Crown Awards and a regulation-sized Lebanon bologna football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. I will ship the trophy over to Adestra in the U.K. shortly.
The meat football, however, will have to wait until Adestra’s folks are in the U.S. at a marketing conference.
Congratulations, Adestra! If your push into the U.S. market is as successful as your run in Magill Report Fantasy Football, your business competitors should be concerned.

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